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News and Events

ARC Future Fellowship for Zhou Zhang

Dr Zhou Zhang has been awarded an ARC Future Fellowship" valued at $764,960 for his project Comprehensive Study of Kahler–Ricci Flows.

Geordie Williamson awarded inaugural AMS Claude Chevalley prize

The American Mathematical Society has awarded Principal Research Fellow Geordie Williamson the 2016 Claude Chevalley prize in Lie Theory, for his work on the representation theory of Lie algebras and algebraic groups. The announcement mentions Geordie's proofs and reproofs of some longstanding conjectures, as well as spectacular counterexamples to the expected bounds in others, and says that his work has provided a new framework for thinking about these conjectures.

NHMRC grant awarded to Jean Yang

Jean Yang has been awarded a National Health and Medical Research Council grant for 2016–2019 for a project entitled "Statistical bioinformatics for network based prognostic and precision therapy in complex disease".

ARC grant successes for funding in 2016

The following members of the School of Mathematics and Statistics have been awarded Australian Research Council funding for projects commencing in 2016:

  • Andrew Papanicolaou, Solving non-Markov optimistisation problems using forward-backward stochastic differential equations (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award);
  • John Cannon and Derek Holt, Composition algorithms for large matrix groups (Discovery Project);
  • Nalini Joshi and Kenji Kajiwara, Reflection groups and discrete dynamical systems (Discovery Project);
  • Peter Kim and Kristen Hawkes, Human longevity: Modelling social changes that propelled its evolution (Discovery Project);
  • Gus Lehrer, Anthony Henderson and Geordie Williamson, Algebraic Schubert geometry and unitary reflection groups (Discovery Project);
  • Mary Myerscough, Charlie Macaskill and Christina Bursill, Dynamics of atherosclerotic plaque formation, growth and regression (Discovery Project);
  • Joachim Rubinstein, Craig Hodgson and Stephan Tillmann, Invariants, geometric and discrete structures on manifolds (Discovery Project);
  • Thanh Tran, Beniamin Goldys, Zdzisław Brzeźniak, Andreas Prohl, Ernst Stephan and Salim Meddahi, Novel Approaches for Problems with Uncertainties (Discovery Project).

Simons Foundation deal makes Magma widely available in U.S.

The Simons Foundation and the Magma Group have concluded an agreement that will make the Magma computational algebra system much more widely available in the US. See the School's news page for more information.