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News and Events

Geordie Williamson awarded New Horizons in Mathematics Prize

Associate Professor Geordie Williamson has been awarded a New Horizons in Mathematics Prize for his pioneering work in geometric representation theory, including the development of Hodge theory for Soergel bimodules and the proof of the Kazhdan-Lusztig conjectures for general Coxeter groups.

Gus Lehrer awarded Szekeres Medal

Professor Gus Lehrer is one of two winners of the George Szekeres Medal for 2016. The medal is awarded for an outstanding contribution to the mathematical sciences in the 15 years prior to the year of the award.

Simons Foundation deal makes Magma widely available in U.S.

The Simons Foundation and the Magma Group have concluded an agreement that will make the Magma computational algebra system much more widely available in the US. See the School's news page for more information.