I am a Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellow in mathematics and the Chair of Applied Mathematics at the University of Sydney. For more information about me, see the pages on brief history and media.

My research interests lie in non-linear differential and difference equations, with a particular focus on asymptotics and integrable systems such as the Painleve equations. For (less technical) information see

If you are a prospective student, here is some information for honours students. A recent talk I gave is the Applied Maths Seminar(5.6Mb).

Trixie Barretto (who works at the University of Sydney) made a video of me:

mathematician from Trixie Barretto on Vimeo.

For more on upcoming events, see my travel page.
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    ICM 2014
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    SIDE11 ANZIAM 2014 Joint Math Meeting Painleve at Strasbourg Elliptic
    AustMS Women in Maths