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PDE Seminar

Eventually Positive Semigroups


Daniel Daners
University of Sydney
Mon 15 September 2014 2-3pm, Carslaw 829 (AGR)


We consider one-parameter semigroups of linear operators etA on C(K) such that for every f > 0 there exists t0 > 0 so that etAf > 0 for all t > t0. The purpose of the talk is to give a general theory of such eventually positive semigroups and characterise them in terms of positivity properties of the resolvent (λI - A)-1 and the spectral projection associated with the spectral bound.

Examples of eventually positive semigroups include the semigroup generated by the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator, delay differential equations, higher order parabolic equations and some matrix semigroups.

This is joint work with Wolfgang Arendt, Jochen Glück and James Kennedy.

Check also the PDE Seminar page. Enquiries to Daniel Hauer or Daniel Daners.

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