University of Sydney PDE Seminar

Recent and forthcoming seminars

The PDE Seminar is held somewhat infrequently on Mondays from 2-3pm in Carslaw Room 829 (Access Grid Room), unless otherwise noted.

The seminar is associated with the Non-Linear Analysis Research Group. Organisers: Daniel Hauer and Daniel Daners.

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Mon 26th Barbara Brandolini (Cancelled) Sharp bounds for Neumann eigenvalues
Tue 13th Yalçin Kaya Optimal Control with Minimum Total Variation
Fri 9th Regina S. Burachik Asymptotic Lagrangian duality for nonsmooth optimization
Mon 29th Ricardo Parreira da Silva Thin domains with highly oscillating boundaries
Mon 10th Yong Wei Volume preserving flow by powers of k-th mean curvature
Mon 3rd Ji Li Commutators, factorizations and function spaces associated with operators
Thu 30th Enrico Valdinoci Regularity of nonlocal minimal surfaces in the plane
Wed 29th Serena Dipierro An introduction to nonlocal minimal surfaces
Mon 20th Changwei Xiong Gap theorems involving second fundamental form: from closed surfaces to open surfaces
Mon 27th Shahar Nevo Differential inequalities and normality

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