Postgraduate Scholarship Information

Funding possibilities for domestic postgraduate students

All Australian students wishing to pursue a higher degree in Mathematics or Statistics at the University of Sydney should apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA). The closing date for applications is usually around the end of October; application forms are obtained from the Research and Scholarships Office.

  • 31 May: Closing date for APA scholarships for Semester 2 the same year.
  • 31 October: Closing date for APA scholarships for Semester 1 the following year.

Application forms are downloadable from the Research and Scholarships Office APA application page.

These scholarships, which are funded by the Australian government, are also available to permanent residents of Australia and citizens of New Zealand.

The University of Sydney also offers University Postgraduate Awards (UPA's), which are similar to APA's (with the same closing date).

Additional funding for APA and UPA holders

Successful scholarship holders are automatically considered for these awards — there is no need to apply.

Note that postgraduate students within the School of Mathematics and Statistics are also able to obtain additional funding by undertaking tutoring and marking in the School.

Philipp Hofflin International Research Travel Scholarship

The scholarship was established in 2010 with a gift from Dr Philipp Hofflin, graduate of the School, to enable outstanding PhD students in the School of Mathematics and Statistics to explore research collaborations on a global scale.

See the terms and conditions.

Funding possibilities for international postgraduate students

Visit the general information page for future international students or, for specific information about a range of scholarships for international students, go to the Scholarship Office, which lists all relevant funding sources.

Of particular interest are the following scholarships, which are available to all international applicants:

  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)
    • 31 July: Closing date for IPRS scholarships for Semester 1 the following year.
    • 15 December: Closing date for IPRS scholarships for Semester 2 the following year.
  • University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS)
  • Dean's International Postgraduate Research Scholarships
Scholarships for international students from selected countries include
  • University of Sydney World Scholars
  • Endeavour Awards Program
The international scholarships are very competitive, a very strong to excellent academic record and research publications in ERA 2012 listed journals is of advantage.

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