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Calendar1: 22 Apr 2013 1400-1500
CalLoc1: AGR Carslaw 829
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PDE Seminar

The inverse Calderón problem for Schrödinger operators on Riemann surfaces


Leo Tzou
University of Helsinki, Finland
22 April 2013 14:00-15:00, Carslaw Room 829 (AGR)


We show that on a smooth compact Riemann surface with boundary \((M_0,g)\) the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map of the SchrŲdinger operator \(\Delta_g+V\) determines uniquely the potential \(V\).

This seemingly analytical problem turns out to have connections with ideas in symplectic geometry and differential topology. We will discuss how these geometrical features arise and the techniques we use to treat them.

This is joint work with Colin Guillarmou of ENS. The speaker is partially supported by NSF Grant No. DMS-0807502 during this work.

Check also the PDE Seminar page. Enquiries to Florica CÓrstea or Daniel Daners.