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GTA Seminar: Do -- Orbifold Hurwitz Numbers and Topological Recursion

Speaker: Dr. Norman Do (Monash)

Time: Tuesday, February 12, 12NOON--1PM

Room: Carslaw 707A

Lunch: after the talk. The reservation at Law Annex Cafe is 1:15PM. 


Title: Orbifold Hurwitz Numbers and Topological Recursion

Abstract: How many ways are there to map a genus g Riemann surface 
to the Riemann sphere? We obtain Hurwitz numbers by counting such 
maps with prescribed branching conditions. In recent work with 
Oliver Leigh and Paul Norbury, we show that a certain class of 
Hurwitz numbers is generated by topological recursion. The talk 
will be an advertisement for topological recursion, which appears 
in matrix models, enumeration of surface tilings, intersection theory 
on moduli spaces, enumerative geometry of threefolds, statistical 
mechanical models, quantum invariants of knots, topological string 
theory, and probably a lot more! 


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