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Calendar1: 17 Oct 2013 1200-1300
CalLoc1: Carslaw 707A

GTA Seminar: Jöricke -- Braids, Conformal Module and Entropy

Speaker: Prof. Burglind Juhl-Jöricke (ANU)

Time: Thursday, Oct. 17, 12NOON--1PM

Room: Carslaw 707A

Lunch: after the talk, at Law Annex Cafe. 


Title: Braids, Conformal Module and Entropy

Abstract: I will discuss two invariants of conjugacy classes 
of braids and some of their applications. The first invariant 
is the conformal module which implicitly occurred already in 
a paper of Gorin and Lin in connection with their interest in 
the 13th Hilbert problem. The second is a popular dynamical 
invariant, the entropy. It occurred in connection with 
Thurston’s theory of surface homeomorphisms. It turns out that 
these invariants are related: They are inverse proportional.


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