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Calendar1: 29 Aug 2013 1200-1300
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GTA Seminar: Marshall -- L^p Bounds for Eigenfunctions on Locally Symmetric Spaces

Speaker: Dr. Simon Marshall (Northwestern)

Time: Thursday, August 29, 12NOON--1PM

Room: Carslaw 707A

Lunch: after the talk, at Law Annex Cafe. 


Title: L^p Bounds for Eigenfunctions on Locally Symmetric Spaces

Abstract: there is a classical theorem of Sogge which provides 
bounds for the L^p norms of a Laplace eigenfunction on a compact 
Riemannian manifold, which are sharp on the sphere and for spectral 
clusters. I will present a generalization of this theorem to 
eigenfunctions of the full ring of invariant differential 
operators on a locally symmetric space, as well as a theorem on 
the restriction of eigenfunctions to maximal flat subspaces. 
Time permitting, I will discuss ways in which these bounds can 
be improved using inputs from number theory.

Seminar website:

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