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Calendar1: 2 Oct 2012 1200-1300
CalLoc1: Carslaw 707A
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GTA Seminar: Melrose -- Smooth Gluing of Kahler Metrics with Constant Scalar Curvature

Speaker: Prof. Richard Melrose (MIT)

Time: Tuesday, Oct. 2, 12(NOON)--1PM

Room: Carslaw 707A

Lunch: after the talk (at Taste at Sydney Uni, i.e. 
"Law School Annex Cafe")


Title: Smooth Gluing of K\"ahler Metrics with Constant Scalar Curvature.
Abstract: I will discuss joint work with Michael Singer showing how to
analyze smoothly, in the sense of manifolds with corners, the gluing
construction of Arezzo and Pacard which `lifts’ a K\"ahler metrics with
constant scalar curvature under the blow up of points. As time permits I
will also describe the obstructed case.

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