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Calendar1: 30 Oct 2012 1200-1300
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GTA Seminar: Quas -- Embeddings of Dynamical Systems

Speaker: Prof. Anthony Quas (Victoria)

Time: Tuesday, Oct. 30, 12(NOON)--1PM

Room: Carslaw 707A 

Lunch: after the talk (at Taste at Sydney Uni, i.e. 
"Law School Annex Cafe")


Title: Embeddings of Dynamical Systems

Abstract: many classical questions in ergodic theory relate to 
the classification of measure-preserving dynamical systems (when 
are two systems isomorphic?) and existence of factors between 
dynamical systems. I’ll discuss joint work with Terry Soo in 
which we provide some new examples of universal dynamical systems: 
that is dynamical systems into which any other system can be mapped 
(subject to straightforward necessary conditions). 

The talk should be self-contained. 

Web site for GTA Seminar is at:

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