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Calendar1: 10 Oct 2013 1200-1300
CalLoc1: Carslaw 707A
CalTitle1: GTA Seminar: Steinle -- Hurwitz Monodromy (CANCELLED)

GTA Seminar: Steinle -- Hurwitz Monodromy

Unfortunately, this talk has to be cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience. 


Speaker: Tom Steinle (Ulm)

Time: Thursday, Oct. 10, 12NOON--1PM

Room: Carslaw 707A

Lunch: after the talk, at Law Annex Cafe. 


Title: Hurwitz Monodromy

Abstract: families of branched covers of the Riemann sphere 
with fixed ramification type may be described via Hurwitz 
spaces. In this talk, we will consider the case where the 
Hurwitz space is a Riemann surface and may be viewed as a 
branched cover of the Riemann sphere. We will review how 
one can calculate the monodromy of this cover (Huritz 
monodromy) in terms of Nielsen tuples by explicit formulas. 
Moreover, in certain cases, it is possible to calculate 
the Hurwitz monodromy of quotients of covers via the 
Nielsen tuples of the original ones. 


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