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GTA Seminar : Zhou -- the Bernstein Theorem for a Class of Fourth Order Equations

Speaker: Dr. Bin Zhou (ANU)

Time: Thursday, May 8, 12NOON--1PM. 

Room: Carslaw 707A. 

Lunch: seminar lunch is right after the talk. 


Title: the Bernstein Theorem for a Class of Fourth Order Equations

Abstract: in this talk, we concern on a class of fourth order equations 
of Monge-Ampere type. In particular, affine maximal surface equation from 
affine geometry and Abreu’s equation arising from scalar curvature equation 
on toric Kahler manifolds are included. I will talk about the 2-dimensional 
Bernstein theorem for these equations, i.e., the entire solution to these 
equations must be quadratic polynomials. The main ingredients are interior 
estimates and the proof of strict convexity for the solutions.


Seminar website:

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