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Calendar1: 19 Jun 2012 1200-1300
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Geometry Seminar: Bahri -- New Topological Constructions in Toric Geometry and Topology

Speaker: Prof. Tony Bahri (Rider University)

Time: Tuesday, June 19, 12(NOON)--1PM

Room: Carslaw 707A

Lunch: after the talk (at Taste at Sydney Uni, i.e. 
"Law School Annex Cafe")


Title: New Topological Constructions in Toric Geometry 
and Topology

Abstract: certain natural subspaces of a product of CW 
complexes, called polyhedral products, play an important 
role in a variety of different fields including: toric 
varieties, toric manifolds/orbifolds, intersections of 
quadrics, homotopy theory, algebraic combinatorics 
complements of subspace arrangements, robotics and group 
theory. The talk will survey certain combinatorics based 
constructions on polyhedral products which allow for a 
description of the cohomology rings of certain families 
of toric manifolds in a particularly compact form. The 
new constructions will be related to a generalization 
of the basic Davis- Januszkiewicz construction of toric 
manifolds. This report is based on joint work with Martin 
Bendersky, Fred Cohen and Sam Gitler. 


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