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Calendar1: 16 Aug 2011 1200-1300
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Geometry Seminar: Guillaume -- On the Lelong Number of Whitney Stratified Sets

Speaker: Guillaume Valette (Krakow)

Time: Tuesday, August 16, 12 NOON--1PM

Room: Carslaw 707A

Title: on the Lelong number of Whitney stratified sets

Abstract: the Lelong number (or density) may be considered 
as a counterpart of the notion of multiplicity (used in 
complex algebraic geometry) for real analytic and algebraic 
sets. The Lelong number of a real analytic germ A (at 0) is 
defined as the limit (as r goes to zero) of the volume of A 
intersected with a ball of radius r (centred at 0) divided 
by the volume of this ball. I will explain that it varies 
continuously along the strata of a Whitney stratification.


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