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Geometry Seminar: Tillmann -- Finite Volume Projective Manifolds II

Speaker: Dr. Stephan Tillmann (Sydney)

Time: Tuesday, July 24, 12(NOON)--1PM

Room: Carslaw 159

Lunch: after the talk (at Taste at Sydney Uni, i.e. 
"Law School Annex Cafe")


Title: Finite Volume Projective Manifolds II

Abstract: this talk is complementary to (but independent of) 
my Group Actions talk of 20 June.

A convex real projective manifold or orbifold is M/G, where 
M is the interior of a compact convex set in real projective 
space disjoint from some hyperplane and G is a discrete group 
of projective transformations which preserves M. The manifold 
is strictly convex if there is no line segment in the boundary 
of M. Strictly convex structures have many similarities to 
hyperbolic structures, particularly in the finite volume case. 
By contrast, properly convex structures are far more general.

I will discuss aspects of projective manifolds from the 
perspective of a low-dimensional topologist, giving a 
snap-shot of the material in the paper arXiv:1109.0585 
with Cooper and Long.


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