Recent journal articles and book chapters

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  1. (with Gustav I. Lehrer) Unitary Reflection Groups, Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series 20, (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2009), viii + 294 pp. Errata: as a PDF file. A revised proof of Corollary A.10 is available separately as part of a short note on the dimension of affine domains.
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  3. The Geometry of the Classical Groups, Sigma Series in Pure Mathematics, Volume 9 (Heldermann Verlag, Berlin 1992), xii + 239 pp. MR 94d:20028. Errata: as a PDF file
    Available from:
    Langer Graben 13d
    32657 Lemgo
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Technical reports

  1. The 1987 report "Pairs of Generators for Matrix Groups, I" on generators for linear, unitary and symplectic groups which appeared in the Cayley Bulletin is available in PDF format. (187KB)