Social Media and Data Science group at Usyd

Social Media and Data Science group

We are a group of researchers at The University of Sydney interested in using theory and data to understand the functioning and impact of social media.


    • Tristram Alexander, Physics [www]

Institute on Computational Social Science

    20 June to 1 July, 2022, Sydney Social Science and Humanities Adv. Res. Centre, at The University of Sydney

Social Media Workshop: What makes an online community?

    • November 30, 2021 -- 10am-12pm (AEST), Online, Zoom ID: 88452302048 Flyer

    • 10:00a - Plenary talk: Online Communities and Where to Find Them: Conceptual and Analytical Frameworks, Prof. Axel Bruns (QUT) -- 10am

    • Groups, communities, crowds, audiences, publics: the terms we use to describe groupings of online participants are varied, and differ from field to field: the ‘communities’ detected by network mapping algorithms might not qualify as communities from a media and cultural studies perspective, for example. This talk distinguishes some of the key terms used in describing online groupings, and outlines the analytical frameworks that may be used to distinguish them.

    • Recordings are available here.

    • 12:00am – Lightning Talks, 11:30am – Panel Discussion, 12:00pm – Close

    • Recordings are available here

Funding and Opportunities

We received initial funding from the Centre for Translational Data Science to study connections between social media and the bushfires in the Summer 2019/2020.