Semester 2 2020: Math 1004/1904: Discrete maths (Sydney)

Past teaching

Intensive January 2020: Math 1014: Introduction to linear algebra (Sydney)

Semester 2 2019: Math 1004/1904: Discrete maths (Sydney)

Spring 2019: Math 241: Calculus III (UIUC)

Fall 2018: Math 402: Non-Euclidean geometry (UIUC)

Fall 2018: Math 595: Factorization spaces and factorization algebras (UIUC)

Spring 2018: Math 595: Modern algebraic geometry I (UIUC)

Spring 2018: Math 595: Modern algebraic geometry II (UIUC)

Fall 2017: Math 402: Non-Euclidean geometry (UIUC)

Spring 2017: Math 595: Algebraic curves and surfaces (UIUC)

Fall 2016: Math 402: Non-Euclidean geometry (UIUC)

Trinity 2016: ASO Group theory (Somerville College, Oxford)

Hilary 2016: A3 Rings and modules (Somerville College, Trinity College, Oxford)


May 2020--present: Geordie Williamson and I organize the SMRI Algebra and Geometry Online seminar.

Fall 2017: Chris Dodd and I organized the UIUC Algebraic Geometry seminar.

  • Seminars: 3--3:50pm, Tuesdays, Altgeld Hall 243
  • Algebraic Geometry Lunch: 12pm Tuesdays, Illini Union

Summer 2017: Josh Wen and I organized a local graduate summer school on D-modules.

Spring 2017: Dan Berwick-Evans and I organized a three-day seminar on the Wess--Zumino--Witten model and conformal field theory.

Fall 2016: Dan Berwick-Evans and I organized a reading group on moduli spaces of G-bundles and twisted K-theory. See here for more details.

  • Meetings: 10--11:30am, Wednesdays, MEB 344.

Hilary/Trinity 2016: André Henriques, Kobi Kremnitzer, and I organised a reading group on affine Lie algebras and quantum groups. Here is our plan for the first term.

  • Meetings: 1--3pm, Thursdays, L4.
  • In Week 4, Craig Smith gave an introduction to quantum groups and their representation theory. Here are the notes from his talk.

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