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The software listed below is written in the R statistical programming language. It is open source and may be used without restrictions.

Name Brief Description
Variability Analysis of Networks (VAN) VAN allows for the statistical testing of diferences in correlation between hub genes and their partners. Software Journal Article
ClassifyR Framework for cross-validated classification and functionality to evaluate performance metrics (e.g. error rate) and draw plots of them. Software Journal Article


The web applications run on a high performance server at University of Sydney. Their source code is provided in the accompanying journal articles as a supplementary file. [ Shiny Link ]

Name Brief Description
PACMEN A tool for exploring the relationships between mutations and gene expression changes in protein interaction subnetworks for 19 tissues analysed by TCGA. Web Application Journal Article
KinasePA Enables analysis of kinase perturbation experiments. Web Application Journal Article
QPEP A benchmarking scoreboard and visual analytics tools for methods which affect proteomics quantitation. Web Application Journal Article