School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney

University of Sydney Statistics Seminar

Enquiries about the Statistics Seminar should be directed to Rafal Kulik .

In 2007, Unless otherwise specified seminars are held on Fridays at 2pm in Carslaw 373

2007 Seminars: semester 2.

  • Friday 9 November. Thomas Bishop , University of Sydney. How can we perform experiments in real landscapes?
  • Friday 14 September. Vivek Jayaswal , University of Sydney. General Markov Models for Nucleotide Sequence Evolution
  • Friday 31 August. Inge Koch, University of New South Wales. Classification and Prediction with Independent Component Regression .
  • Friday 24 August. Alan Huang, University of Chicago. Games, Sports, Statistics and Probability.

    2007 Seminars: semester 1.

  • Friday 8 June. Prof. Paul Kabaila, La Trobe University. Valid inference after preliminary statistical model selection
  • Friday 18 May. Dr. Aurore Delaigle, University of Bristol. Estimation of a regression function when the observations contain measurement errors: Berkson vs classical errors
  • Friday 27 April. Dr. Zdravetz Lazarov, University of Western Australia. Comparison of Alternative ACD Models via Density and Interval Forecasts.
  • Friday 20 April. Prof. John Robinson, University of Sydney. Empirical Saddlepoint Approximations for Stratified Random Sampling. ---- Slides
  • Friday 30 March. Dr Qiying Wang, University of Sydney. Asymptotic theory for local time density estimation and nonparametric cointegrating regression.
  • Friday 2 February. Sydney Summer Statistics Workshop

  • 2006 Seminars: semester 2.

  • Friday 4 August. Dr Jean Yee Hwa Yang, University of Sydney. Issues in gene expression analysis and beyond.
  • Friday 18 August. Dr Tarn Duong , University of New South Wales. Convergence rates for unconstrained bandwidth matrix selectors in multivariate kernel density estimation.
  • Friday 8 September. Dr Michael Stewart, University of Sydney. On the nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation of log-concave densities.
  • Friday 15 September. Dr Scott Sisson, University of New South Wales. Sequential Monte Carlo without likelihoods.
  • Friday 29 September. Prof. Suojin Wang, Texas A&M University. Maximum Likelihood With Auxiliary Information.
  • Friday 6 October. Prof. Yuri V. Borovskikh, Transport University. Asymptotic distributions of U-statistics based on trimmed and Winsorized samples
  • Friday 20 October. Dr Chunsheng Lu, Curtin University of Technology. Statistical analysis of spatio-temporal seismicity
  • Friday 10 November. Prof. Gunter Last, University of Karslruhe (Germany). The Boolean model of stochastic geometry Venue Carslaw 173
  • Wednesday 15 November. Prof. Mark Segal, University of California, San Francisco Chess, Chance and Conspiracy Venue Carslaw 173
  • Friday 24 November. Prof. Richard Cowan. Geometric problems concernant the convex hull of $n$ points chosen at random Venue Carslaw 173

  • 2006 Seminars: semester 1.

  • Friday 3 March. Professor Michael Akritas, Pennsylvania State University. Nonparametric Covariate Adjustment.
  • Friday 17 March: in Carslaw 451. Professor Valentin Petrov, St Petersburg University. Generalizations of the Borel-Cantelli lemma.
  • Friday 31 March. Dr Nader Tajvidi, Lund Institute of Technology. Multivariate generalised Pareto distributions.
  • Friday 7 April. Professor Laurent Cavalier, University of Aix-Marseille 1. Adaptive estimation for inverse problems with noisy operators.
  • Friday 21 April. Dr David Warton, University of New South Wales. Modelling high-dimensional abundance data using generalised estimating equations. .
  • Friday 12 May. Pr Zhengyan Lin, Zhejiang University. Strong near-epoch dependence.
  • Friday 19 May. Dr Richard Gerlach, University of Sydney. Reversible jump MCMC methods for choosing between nonlinear GARCH models.
  • Friday 26 May. Dr Mark Berman, CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences (CMIS). Some Statistical Problems in Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging.

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