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2008 Seminars: semester 1

In 2008, Unless otherwise specified seminars are held on Fridays at 2pm in Carslaw 375
29 February
(Carslaw 173)
Prof. Rudy Beran,
University of California, Davis.
Statistical Model versus Fit versus Data
14 March Prof. Sue Wilson.
Australian National University. 
Evaluation of similarity between two wequences
4 April. Dr. Nader Tajvidi
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
Statistical modelling of extreme values:
basic theory and applications to analysis of
temporal trend in wind storm losses and temperature data
11 April Miss Kristen Feher
University of Western Australia
Towards a method for resolving the dependence structure
amongst gene expression.
2 May Dr. Marc Raimondo
University of Sydney
Multiscale density estimation
16 May Mr. Thomas Fung
University of Sydney
A characterisation of scale mixtures of the uniform distribution
30 May Dr. Samuel Mueller
University of Sydney
Partially linear model selection by the bootstrap
8 August Professor John Kolassa
Rutgers University
Small Sample Confidence Regions in Exponential Families
26 September Dr Qiying Wang
University of Sydney
Structural Nonparametric Cointegrating Regression
10 October Professor Graham Wood
University of Sydney
Protein Folding - going in the right direction
17 October Dr Shelton Peiris
University of Sydney
Estimation of Duration Models in Finance: Semiparametric and QMLE Methods
14 November Richard Finlay
University of Sydney
Option Pricing with VG-like Models
21 November A. Thavaneswaran
University of Manitoba
Inference for Volatility Models
24 November Florent Autin
L'Universite d'Aix Marseille 1
Maxiset approach in nonparametric statistics
10 December Roelof Helmers
Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science Amsterdam, The Netherlands
On the M fewer than N bootstrap approximation to the trimmed mean

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