Lie Algebras

Four Weeks
Anthony Henderson (University of Sydney)
Consultation Hours
Tuesdays 13–14h Carslaw Room 805.
80% Final exam (Thursday 8 Feb 9–11 in Carslaw Room 275), 20% assignments.
Lecture notes available for purchase at KopyStop Shop 3 / 55 Mountain St Broadway (see the Google Map for the location). An information sheet (PDF) is available.
Course Outline
This course will be an introduction to the classical theory of complex Lie algebras and their representations. As well as underpinning modern representation theory, and relating to other fields such as differential geometry and mathematical physics, this area is accessible and beautiful in its own right. Some familiarity with linear algebra and the basic algebraic notions of groups and modules will be assumed, but the lecture notes will include appendices reviewing what is needed of these topics.