Variant Stream

SDG Seminars


  • 13/02/21: Richard Montgomery (University of California Santa Cruz) "Some open questions in the N-body problem" video
  • 26/03/21: Nathan Duignan (University of Colorado) "Integrability, normal forms, and magnetic axis coordinates" video
  • 23/04/21: Jason Atnip (UNSW) "Random interval maps with holes" video
  • 30/04/21: Eric Hester (USyd) "Modelling fluid-solid interactions" video
  • 13/05/21: Florica Cîrstea (USyd) "Existence of singular solutions to elliptic equations with critical Hardy-Sobolev growth" video
  • 28/05/21: Cecilia González-Tokman (University of Queensland) "Lyapunov exponents for transfer operator cocycles of random interval maps" video
  • 11/06/21: Monique Chyba (University of Hawaii) "Epidemiological modeling, and COVID-19 heterogeneity in islands chain environment" video
  • 25/06/21: Connor Jackman (CIMAT) "The geometry of (planar) Kepler orbits" video
  • 13/08/21: Rachel Wang (USyd) "When random initialisations help: a study of variational inference for community detection"
  • 27/08/21: Hinke Osinga (University of Auckland) "Computing periodic travelling waves and their stability in a heteroclinic-cycle model" video
  • 10/09/21: Alfonso Sorrentino (University of Rome "Tor Vergata") "The Hamilton–Jacobi equation on networks: weak KAM and Aubry–Mather theories" video
  • 24/09/21: Chunxi Jiao (USyd) "Solution of a stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Slonczewski equation" video
  • 08/10/21: Courtney Quinn (CSIRO Hobart) "Dynamical analysis of data-driven reduced models for persistent atmospheric states" video
  • 22/10/21: Andrus Giraldo (University of Auckland) "Degenerate singular cycles and chaotic switching in the two-site open Bose-Hubbard model"
  • 05/11/21: Meagan Carney (University of Queensland) "TBA"