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To apply for the Summer School please provide the information below. Your application will be assessed and an invoice will be sent to you if the application is successful.

Second round applications for participants from Australia and New Zealand close 18 December 2006. Registration for international students is closed now.

The registration fee will be AU$143 for students from AMSI member institutions and full time students enrolled at an institution which is a member of the Pacific Rim Mathematical Association (PRIMA), for all others it will by AU$715. Once accepted you will receive an invoice.

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Indicate which courses you wish to attend. The recommended number is two four week courses.

Four Week Courses
Measure Theory For Credit
Differential Geometry For Credit
Lie Algebras For Credit
Cryptography For Credit
Computation Techniques for Wavelets For Credit
Time Series Analysis For Credit
Pair of Two Week Courses
Stochastic Calculus (Period 1) For Credit
Financial Mathematics (Period 2) For Credit
Two Week Courses
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (Period 1) For Credit
Dynamical Systems (Period 1) For Credit

Academic Sponsor (Students Only)

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Application for Financial Support

Before applying for one of the subsidies available read the information on financial support. Note that students from the Sydney metropolitan area are not eligible for travel and accommodation subsidies.

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I require accommodation at Sancta Sophia College (Breakfast and dinner included).

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I am aware that ICE-EM may video record parts of the Summer School for publicity purposes and/or for educational use. I agree:
  1. to voluntarily participate in the Summer School;
  2. to allow ICE-EM and its authorised representatives to use any recording of myself for promotional and education purposes;
  3. to allow my contact details to be given to ICE-EM and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute.

Submission of Application

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Alternatively you can print the form (PDF) and fax it to +61-2-9351 4534 or mail to

ICE-EM/AMSI Summer School
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