Friday 21 July

Time Speaker Title

7:45-8:30am Breakfast (Mary White College)

9-9:45am P. Bates Invariant Manifolds of Spikes

9:45-10:30am P. Polacik On a Threshold Behavior in Parabolic Equations on RN

10:30-11am Tea Break (Tea and Coffee in Common Room)

11-11:45am A. Harris Embedding J-Holomorphic Cylinders Asymptotic to a Reeb Orbit of Elliptic Type

11:45-12:30pmM. IzydorekMultiple solutions of strongly indefinite elliptic systems

12:30-2pm Lunch (Mary White College)

2-2:45pm A. Pistoia On the Existence of Sign Changing Solutions to Some Critical Problems

2:45-3:30pm P. Portal Beyond Calderon-Zygmund theory in Bochner spaces

3:30-4pm Closing ceremony

4-4:30pm Tea Break (Common Room)

6-8pm Dinner (Mary White College)