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Page updater


Tick this box to skip the preview stage and write the new page directly.

(Submitting the above form is equivalent to visiting the url<path>&pagename=<filename>

where <path> denotes the value entered in the path field and <filename> denotes the value entered in the filename field. Leaving the filename field blank is equivalent to entering index.html there.)

How to use updater

[The documentation that used to be linked to here is somewhat out of date, and so the links have been removed. New documentation will come soon; meanwhile, you will just have to ask a person.]

The script can only be used from within the School or by logged-in users.

Examples of its use:







(When the path starts with "u/", these first two letters can be omitted. So

is equivalent to the second of the two examples above.)

Updating unit of study pages

To update a unit of study web page from this page, in the directory box above enter something of the form

UG/JM/MATH1xxx, UG/IM/MATH2xxx, UG/IM/STAT2xxx, UG/SM/MATH3xxx, UG/SM/STAT3xxx, ...

(as appropriate), leaving the filename box blank. Then click "preview update".

Alternatively, use another update page:

Junior units Honours units Summer School Intermediate units Bridging course page Financial Maths Senior units

Streamlined method

On each page generated by there will be, at the bottom of the page, on the left, in a small font, a link labelled "About this page", which points to an information page for the page in question.

Internal or logged in users can update the page by clicking "About this page", and then, on the information page, finding and clicking the link labelled "update the page".

A page's information page is itself updated whenever the page is updated (or even update previewed).