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Teaching Program Overview

The teaching activities of the School of Mathematics and Statistics cover all levels from bridging courses to postgraduate degrees. There are separate web pages for the various levels of undergraduate study and for postgraduate study. Follow the links below for further information, including course handbooks, contact details for Class Coordinators and links to web pages for each individual unit of study.

The teaching material appearing on this web site is intended for the use of enrolled students of the University of Sydney, and (unless otherwise specified) the University of Sydney holds copyright. Any other person or institution wishing to use any of this material must contact the university to make appropriate arrangements.

Undergraduate matters

Info Day 2018

To receive the information pack from Info Day 2018, please email The School of Mathematics and Statistics Brochure contains a snapshot of information about studying with us and is a great guide to what you can expect.

Contact information

General enquiries relating to the undergraduate program in mathematics and statistics should be directed to the School of Mathematics and Statistics Student Office, which is located on Level 5 of the Carslaw Building (Room 520), email:

Where can I buy the Lecture Notes?

The lecture notes for most mathematics units are available from KopyStop, 55 Mountain St Broadway (approximately at the position marked on the map below). The lecture notes for mathematics units are NOT available from the University Copy Centre, unless your lecturer tells you otherwise.

kopystop location
Go to Google's map of the area

Calculators in exams

For almost all examinations in units of study taught by the School of Mathematics and Statistics, students are permitted to take their own electronic calculator into the examination room provided it has been approved. The list of approvable calculators is on the Examinations Office web site with instructions on how to get your calculator approved.

Students would be well advised to purchase one of these. Students must get an approved sticker put on their calculator at the Student Centre in the Jane Foss Russell building.

General interest items

Miscellaneous teaching-related pages

Information on the Talented Students Program in Mathematics and Statistics
The "Gallery of Electronic Mathematics": revision material available for some units of study
Information on February Bridging Courses for new first year students
Information on the School's Financial Mathematics program
Information on Junior and Intermediate units of study in Mathematics and Statistics offered at the Summer School
The School of Mathematics and Statistics offers one unit of study, MATH1005, at the Winter School
Information on honours and postgraduate courses and seminars available via the Access Grid.

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