Undergraduate Study

Work, Health and Safety: information for students

Fire exits

You should make sure that you know the locations of the emergency exits for the rooms in which you have classes, and know the evacuation plans and emergency assembly points.

For the Carslaw Building,

  • the evacuation plans are displayed near the lifts and staircases on each level,
  • the emergency assembly point is on the lawn areas between the Law School and Eastern Avenue, alongside Fisher Library, as shown in the diagram below.
Assembly area

Contact Lists

There is a contact list on each floor of the School on the wall near every staircase, containing numbers of the First Aid Officers in Carslaw and useful emergency numbers.

First Aid Officers

  • Lucy Kennedy, Level 5, Room 520, School of Maths & Stats.
         Phone extn 15787 (93515787 from an external line)
  • Brooke White, Level 4, Faculty of Science Dean's Office.
         Phone extn 14123 (93514123 from an external line)
  • Barry Napthali, Level 4, Room 496, School of Physics.
         Phone extn 12958 (93512958 from an external line)
  • Kristl Mauropoulos, Level 1, Science Marketing & Communication Unit.
         Phone extn 13135 (93513135 from an external line)

Emergency telephone numbers

  • Ambulance/Fire/Police: 0000 (from external line or mobile phone dial 000)
  • Ambulance from a GSM mobile: 112
  • Security: extn 13333
  • University Health Service (in Wentworth): extn 13484


It is very important that all students obey simple housekeeping rules when in lecture theatres or visiting the School. You should keep your bags and personal items off the floor, as they present a trip hazard, and should use shelving or storage facilities where provided. Aisles should be kept clear and unobstructed.

Reporting hazards and incidents

You should report all incidents and possible hazards on the University premises, including near-misses, to your lecturer or any other member of staff.