Undergraduate Study

Senior Mathematics and Statistics

This site contains information on senior level units of study offered by the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney in 2019.

Enrolment advice

Enrolment advice, FAQs and Student Policies can be found on the School of Mathematics and Statistics Student Portal, on the Canvas website, or on the Enrolment Advice page on this server.

Contact Information

General enquiries about undergraduate mathematics and statistics study at the University of Sydney should be directed to the Mathematics and Statistics Student Office (Room 520 of the Carslaw Building). More specific enquiries about senior level units should be directed to one of the following class coordinators.

Frequently asked questions.


Detailed information about all aspects of senior level Pure and Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics is available here in the Senior Mathematics Handbook.

See in particular the summary of enrolment advice section of the handbook.

Further Information

Students may wish to compete in the Norbert Quirk Mathematical Essay Competition.

Units of Study

Pure and Applied Mathematics

First Semester

Second Semester

Statistics and Data Science

First Semester

  • STAT3021: Stochastic Processes
  • STAT3022: Applied Linear Models
  • STAT3911: Stochastic Processes and Time Series (Advanced)
  • STAT3922: Applied Linear Models (Advanced)
  • STAT3925: Time Series (Advanced)
  • STAT3926: Statistical Consulting (Advanced)

Second Semester