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School calendar for the coming week:

News and Events

DECRA for Lindon Roberts

Dr Lindon Roberts is the recipient of a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award, with funding to commence in 2024. For more details see the Funding Announcements page on the Australian Research Council website.

Future Fellowship for Daniel Tubbenhauer

Dr Daniel Tubbenhauer has been awarded a Fellowship in round 1 of the Australian Research Council's Future Fellowships program for 2023. For more details see the Funding Announcements page on the ARC website.

Geordie Williamson and Simon Riche win 2023 Frontiers of Science Award

Geordie Williamson and Simon Riche (Laboratoire de Mathématiques Blaise Pascal) are awarded a "Frontiers of Science Award" at the International Congress of Basic Science in Beijing, China. More...

Geordie Williamson awarded an Australian Laureate Fellowship 2023

The Australian Research Council has announced that Professor Geordie Williamson is one of seventeen new Australian Laureate Fellows. See the ARC website for a summary of his Fellowship Project "Unlocking the secrets of modular representations", as well as the ARC's media release.

"Computational Algebra and Magma" conference

Will be held on 27-29 November at the Sibyl Centre, Women's College in the University of Sydney. The conference will be followed by a workshop on computational number theory. See the conference webpage for more details.


The 2023 iteration of the annual Workshop on Optimisation, Metric Bounds, Approximation and Transversality (WOMBAT) will be run in conjunction with the second biennial Workshop on the Intersections of Computation and Optimisation (WICO 2023), at the University of Sydney Business School (Abercrombie Building (H70), corner of Abercrombie Street and Codrington Streets) from 11 to 15 December 2023. For further information, including how to register, see the WOMBAT/WICO 2023 web page.

Simons Foundation deal makes Magma widely available in U.S.

An agreement between the Simons Foundation and the Magma Group makes the Magma computational algebra system widely available in the US. See the School's news page for more information.