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School calendar for the coming week:

News and Events

School statisticians are recognised by the Statistical Society of Australia

Six current, honorary and former staff from the School are presented in the list of 60 historical and current prominent Australian statisticians from the Statistical Society of Australia. More...

"Computational Algebra and Magma" conference

Will be held on 27-29 November at the Sibyl Centre, Women's College in the University of Sydney. The conference will be followed by a workshop on computational number theory. See the conference webpage for more details.

Rachel Wang awarded a Moran Medal

Dr Rachel Wang has been awarded a Moran Medal for 2023, in recognition of her outstanding research at the interface of theoretical statistics, computational statistics and data-driven applied fields. For more details see the announcement on the website of the Australian Academy of Science, and also the University of Sydney news item.

Three ARC Discovery Projects commencing in the School in 2023.

Professor Peter Kim, Professor Geordie Williamson and Associate Professor Oded Yacobi have received funding from the Australian Research Council for projects commencing in 2023. See our Research Grants page for further information.

Geordie Williamson awarded 2022 NSW Premier's Prize for Excellence in Mathematics

Prof Geordie Williamson has been recognised for his exceptional leadership as Director of the University of Sydney’s Mathematical Research Institute and for raising the profile of the field in NSW and Australia. More...

Simons Foundation deal makes Magma widely available in U.S.

An agreement between the Simons Foundation and the Magma Group makes the Magma computational algebra system widely available in the US. See the School's news page for more information.