Recent Preprints

Preprints for 2019

Bachtiar AA and James RW, (2019), Dynamos driven by modified Beltrami flows.

Biffis E, Goldys B, Prosdocimi C and Zanella M, (2019), A Pricing Formula for Delayed Claims.

Björklund M, Fish A and Parkinson J, (2019), Patterns in sets of positive density in trees and affine buildings.

Brzeźniak Z, Goldys B and Kim NL, (2019), Existence of a unique solution and invariant measures for the stochastic Landau–Lifshitz–Bloch equation.

Burrull G, Libedinsky N and Sentinelli P, (2019), \(p\)-Jones-Wenzl idempotents.

Easdown D, Papadopoulos G and Zheng C, (2019), Summer school versus term-time for fundamental mathematics at the tertiary level.

Goldys B and Neklyudov M, (2019), Rescaling nonlinear noise for 1D stochastic parabolic equations.

Jing N, Liu M and Molev AI, (2019), Isomorphism between the R-matrix and Drinfeld presentations of quantum affine algebra: type C.

Molev AI, (2019), Center at the critical level for centralizers in type \(A\).

Molev AI, Ragoucy E and Suh UR, (2019), Supersymmetric \(W\)-algebras.

Shneerson LM and Easdown D, (2019), On finite presentations of inverse semigroups with zero having polynomial growth.

Preprints for 2018

Andrews B, Clutterbuck J and Hauer D, (2018), Non-concavity of the Robin ground state.

Cîrstea FC, Robert F and Vétois J, (2018), Existence of sharp asymptotic profiles of singular solutions to an elliptic equation with a sign-changing non-linearity.

Ching J and Cîrstea FC, (2018), Gradient estimates for nonlinear elliptic equations with a gradient-dependent nonlinearity.

Fish A, (2018), On infinite discrete approximate subgroups in \(\mathbb{R}^d\).

Guilhot J and Parkinson J, (2018), Balanced representations, the asymptotic Plancherel formula, and Lusztig's conjectures for \(\tilde{C}_2\).

Hauer D, He Y and Liu D, (2018), Fractional powers of monotone operators in Hilbert spaces.

Molev AI and Ragoucy E, (2018), Higher order Hamiltonians for the trigonometric Gaudin model.

Molev AI and Yakimova O, (2018), Monomial bases and branching rules.

Nelson AM, (2018), Induction theorems for generalized Bhaskar Rao designs..

Nguyen VM, (2018), Type \(A\) admissible cells are Kazhdan–Lusztig.

Parkinson J and Van Maldeghem H, (2018), Opposition diagrams for automorphisms of small spherical buildings.

Parkinson J and Yau Y, (2018), Coxeter systems for which the Brink-Howlett automaton is minimal..

Rose D, Hawkes K and Kim PS, (2018), Adult sex ratio as an index for male strategy.

Rubinstein JH and Tillmann S, (2018), Generalised trisections in all dimensions.

Tanaka E, Mathews K, Smith AB and Cullis BR, (2018), Loss of accuracy in the genomic prediction for prevalent two-stage analysis with single site.

Preprints for 2017

Armstrong B and Brownlowe N, (2017), Product-system models for twisted \(C^*\)-algebras of topological higher-rank graphs.

Badziahin D, (2017), On continued fraction expansion of potential counterexamples to \(p\)-adic Littlewood conjecture.

Badziahin D, (2017), Continued fractions of certain Mahler functions.

Badziahin D and Harrap S, (2017), Cantor-winning sets and their applications.

Baumgartner U, Parkinson J and Ramagge J, (2017), Scale and tidy subgroups for Weyl-transitive automorphism groups of buildings.

Easdown D, Corran R and Roberts B, (2017), A novel approach to mathematics examination design and marking.

Goldys B, Grotowski J and Kim PS, (2017), Weak martingale solutions to the stochastic Landau-Lifschitz-Gilbert equation with multi-dimensional noise via a convergent finite-element scheme.

Guilhot J and Parkinson J, (2017), A proof of Lusztig's conjectures for affine type \(G_2\) with arbitrary parameters.

Hauer D and Mazón J, (2017), Kurdyka-Łojasiewicz-Simon inequality for gradient flows in metric spaces.

Hillman JA, (2017), An explicit formula for a branched covering.

Hillman JA, (2017), 3-Manifolds with abelian embeddings in \(S^4\).

Ivers DJ, (2017), Oblate Spheroidal Kinematic Dynamos.

Jing N, Liu M and Molev AI, (2017), Isomorphism between the \(R\)-matrix and Drinfeld presentations of Yangian in types \(B\), \(C\) and \(D\).

Liang HY, Shen Y and Wang Q, (2017), Functional-coefficient cointegrating regression with endogeneity.

Molev AI and Yakimova O, (2017), Quantisation and nilpotent limits of Mishchenko-Fomenko subalgebras.

Parkinson J and Van Maldeghem H, (2017), Opposition diagrams for automorphisms of large spherical buildings.

Preprints for 2016

Afsar Z, Brownlowe N, Larsen NS and Stammeier N, (2016), Equilibrium states for right LCM semigroup \(C^*\)-algebras.

Bannister H, Goldys B, Penev S and Wu W, (2016), Multiperiod Mean-Standard-Deviation Time Consistent Portfolio Selection.

Biffis E, Goldys B and Prosdocimi C, (2016), A Pricing Formula for Delayed Claims.

Björklund M and Fish A, (2016), Kneser-type theorems for countable amenable groups.

Brownlowe N, Hawkins M and Sims A, (2016), The Toeplitz noncommutative solenoid and its KMS states.

Brownlowe N, Mundey A, Pask D, Spielberg J and Thomas A, (2016), C*-algebras associated to graphs of groups.

Brzeźniak Z, Goldys B and Jegaraj T, (2016), Large deviations and transitions between equilibria for stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation.

Cîrstea FC and Robert F, (2016), Sharp asymptotic profiles for singular solutions to an elliptic equation with a sign-changing nonlinearity.

Chang TY and Cîrstea FC, (2016), Singular solutions for divergence-form elliptic equations involving regular variation theory: Existence and classification.

Coulhon T and Hauer D, (2016), Regularisation effects of nonlinear semigroups.

Dani P, Stark E and Thomas A, (2016), Commensurability for certain right-angled Coxeter groups and geometric amalgams of free groups.

Dani P and Thomas A, (2016), Bowditch's JSJ tree and the quasi-isometry classification of certain Coxeter groups.

Easdown D, Hendriksen M and Saunders N, (2016), Absorption of Direct Factors With Respect to the Minimal Faithful Permutation Degree of a Finite Group.

Fish A and Paunescu L, (2016), Unwinding spirals.

Goldys B and Wu W, (2016), Dynamic Programming Principle for Stochastic Control Problems driven by General Lévy Noise.

Haraway R and Tillmann S, (2016), Tessellating the moduli space of strictly convex projective structures on the once-punctured torus.

Hillman JA, (2016), Solvable normal subgroups of 2-knot groups.

Howlett RB, Mühlherr B and Nuida K, (2016), Intrinsic reflections and strongly rigid Coxeter systems.

Jing N, Kožić S, Molev AI and Yang F, (2016), Center of the quantum affine vertex algebra in type A.

Kožić S, (2016), Higher level vertex operators for \(U_q (\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}}_2)\).

Kožić S and Molev AI, (2016), Center of the quantum affine vertex algebra associated with trigonometric \(R\)-matrix.

Liang HY, Shen Y and Wang Q, (2016), Functional-coefficient quantile regression with nonstationary time series.

Molev AI, Ragoucy E and Rozhkovskaya N, (2016), Segal-Sugawara vectors for the Lie algebra of type \(G_2\).

Norledge W, Thomas A and Vdovina A, (2016), Maximal torsion-free subgroups of certain lattices of hyperbolic buildings and Davis complexes.

Peng J and Wang Q, (2016), Establishing conditions for weak convergence to stochastic integrals.

Preprints for 2015

Achar PN, Henderson A, Juteau D and Riche S, (2015), Modular generalized Springer correspondence III: exceptional groups.

Achar PN, Henderson A, Juteau D and Riche S, (2015), Constructible sheaves on nilpotent cones in rather good characteristic.

Achar PN, Henderson A, Juteau D and Riche S, (2015), Modular generalized Springer correspondence: an overview.

Björklund M and Fish A, (2015), Characteristic polynomial patterns in difference sets of matrices.

Chill R, Hauer D and Kennedy JB, (2015), Nonlinear semigroups generated by \(j\)-elliptic functionals.

Ching J and Cîrstea FC, (2015), Existence and classification of singular solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations with a gradient term.

Easdown D, (2015), Prime numbers that avoid the Mersenne property with respect to all other primes.

Easdown D and Hendriksen M, (2015), Minimal permutation representations of semidirect products of groups.

Fish A, (2015), On Bohr sets of integer-valued traceless matrices.

Frappat L, Jing N, Molev AI and Ragoucy E, (2015), Higher Sugawara operators for the quantum affine algebras of type A.

Fullarton NJ and Thomas A, (2015), Palindromic automorphisms of right-angled Artin groups.

Goldstein JA, Hauer D and Rhandi A, (2015), Existence and nonexistence of positive solutions of \(p\)-Kolmogorov equations perturbed by a Hardy potential.

Goldys B, Brzeźniak Z and Jegaraj T, (2015), Large deviations and transition between equilibria for stochastic Landau-Lifshitz equation.

Henderson A, (2015), Involutions on the affine Grassmannian and moduli spaces of principal bundles.

Hillman JA, (2015), Complements of connected hypersurfaces in \(S^4\).

Hillman JA, (2015), Flat 2-orbifold groups.

Hong J and Yacobi O, (2015), Quantum Polynomial Functors.

Howlett RB and Nguyen VM, (2015), W-graph ideals and biideals.

Kožić S, (2015), Vertex operators and principal subspaces of level one for \(U_q (\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}}_2)\).

Milićević E, Schwer P and Thomas A, (2015), Dimensions of affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties: a new approach via labeled folded alcove walks and root operators.

Molev AI and Mukhin EE, (2015), Invariants of the vacuum module associated with the Lie superalgebra gl(1|1).

Molev AI and Mukhin EE, (2015), Eigenvalues of Bethe vectors in the Gaudin model.

Nguyen VM, (2015), W-graph determining elements in type A.

Papanicolaou A, (2015), Extreme-Strike Comparisons and Structural Bounds for SPX and VIX Options.

Preprints for 2014

Achar PN, Henderson A, Juteau D and Riche S, (2014), Modular generalized Springer correspondence II: classical groups.

Arakawa T and Molev AI, (2014), Explicit generators in rectangular affine \(\mathcal{W}\)-algebras of type \(A\).

Björklund M and Fish A, (2014), Ergodic theorems for coset spaces.

Brzeźniak Z, Goldys B and Gia QTL, (2014), Random attractors for the stochastic Navier–Stokes equations on the 2D unit sphere.

Brzeźniak Z, Goldys B and Gia QTL, (2014), Random dynamical systems generated by stochastic Navier–Stokes equation on the rotating sphere.

Budney R and Hillman JA, (2014), A small infinitely-ended 2-knot group.

Bulinski K and Fish A, (2014), Plünnecke inequalities for measure graphs with applications.

Cîrstea FC and Vétois J, (2014), Fundamental solutions for anisotropic elliptic equations: existence and a priori estimates.

Carberry E and Turner K, (2014), Toda frames, harmonic maps and extended Dynkin diagrams.

Chan N and Wang Q, (2014), Nonlinear regressions with nonstationary time series.

Chan N and Wang Q, (2014), Supplement to "Nonlinear regressions with nonstationary time series".

Chojnowska-Michalik A and Goldys B, (2014), Exponential ergodicity of semilinear equations driven by Lévy processes in Hilbert spaces.

Dancer EN, Daners D and Hauer D, (2014), A Liouville theorem for \(p\)-harmonic functions on exterior domains.

Easdown D and Saunders N, (2014), The Smallest Faithful Permutation Degree for a Direct Product obeying an Inequality Condition.

Futorny V and Molev AI, (2014), Quantization of the shift of argument subalgebras in type A.

Goldys B and Zhang X, (2014), BV Functions, Caccioppoli Sets and Divergence Theorem over Wiener Spaces.

Hauer D, (2014), The \(p\)-Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator with applications to elliptic and parabolic problems.

Hillman JA, (2014), Indecomposable non-orientable \(PD_3\)-complexes.

Liu W, Chan N and Wang Q, (2014), Uniform approximation to local time with applications in non-linear co-integrating regression.

Matsumoto T and Molev AI, (2014), Representations of centrally extended Lie superalgebra \(\mathfrak{psl}(2|2)\).

Molev AI and Ragoucy E, (2014), Classical \(\mathcal{W}\)-algebras in types \(A\), \(B\), \(C\), \(D\) and \(G\).

Wang Q and Phillips PCB, (2014), Nonparametric Cointegrating Regression with Endogeneity and Long Memory.

Preprints for 2013

Björklund M and Fish A, (2013), Product set phenomena for countable groups.

Björklund M and Fish A, (2013), Plunnecke inequalities for countable abelian groups.

Brandolini B, Chiacchio F, Cîrstea FC and Trombetti C, (2013), Local behaviour of singular solutions for nonlinear elliptic equations in divergence form.

Brzeźniak Z, Goldys B and Neklyudov M, (2013), Multidimensional stochastic Burgers equation.

Brzeźniak Z, Goldys B, Peszat S and Russo F, (2013), Second Order PDEs with Dirichlet White Noise Boundary Condition.

Creutz B, (2013), On the local-global principle for divisibility in the cohomology of elliptic curves.

Creutz B and Viray B, (2013), On Brauer groups of double covers of ruled surfaces.

Easdown D and Shneerson LM, (2013), Growth of Rees quotients of free inverse semigroups defined by small numbers of relators.

Fish A and Gurevich S, (2013), Almost linear complexity methods for delay-Doppler channel estimation.

Giudici M, Li CH, Seress A and Thomas A, (2013), Characterising star-transitive and st(edge)-transitive graphs.

Goldys B, Le KN and Tran T, (2013), A finite element approximation for the stochastic Landau–Lifschitz–Gilbert equation.

Goldys B, Peszat S and Zabczyk J, (2013), Gauss-Markov processes on Hilbert spaces.

Hillman JA, (2013), Seifert fibred knot manifolds.

Hillman JA, (2013), An aspherical 5-manifold with perfect fundamental group.

Hillman JA, (2013), Sections of surface bundles.

Hu J and Mathas A, (2013), Seminormal forms and cyclotomic quiver Hecke algebras of type \(A\).

Ivers DJ and Phillips CG, (2013), Homogeneous planar and two-dimensional mean-field antidynamo theorems with zero mean flow.

Koonin J, (2013), Topology of eigenspace posets for unitary reflection groups.

Koonin J, (2013), Topology of eigenspace posets for imprimitive reflection groups.

Koonin J, (2013), Homology representations of unitary reflection groups.

Lam T and Thomas A, (2013), Infinite reduced words and the Tits boundary of a Coxeter group.

Mathas A, (2013), Graded representation theory of the cyclotomic quiver Hecke algebras of type A.

Mathas A and Soriano M, (2013), Blocks of the truncated \(q\)-Schur algebras of type A.

Molev AI and Mukhin EE, (2013), Yangian characters and classical W-algebras.

Savage A and Yacobi O, (2013), Categorification and Heisenberg doubles arising from towers of algebras.

Preprints for 2012

Capdeboscq I, Rumynin D and Thomas A, (2012), Cocompact lattices on \(\tilde{A}_n\) buildings.

Capdeboscq I and Thomas A, (2012), Constructions of cocompact lattices for certain higher-rank complete Kac-Moody groups.

Capdeboscq I and Thomas A, (2012), Cocompact lattices in complete Kac-Moody groups with Weyl group right-angled or a free product of spherical special subgroups.

Carberry E, (2012), Harmonic Maps And Integrable Systems.

Carberry E and Schmidt MU, (2012), The closure of spectral data for constant mean curvature tori in \(S^3\).

Carberry E and Turner K, (2012), Harmonic tori in de Sitter spaces \(S ^ {2n}_1\).

Chan N and Wang Q, (2012), Uniform convergence for Nadaraya-Watson estimators with non-stationary data.

Chan N and Wang Q, (2012), Nonlinear cointegrating regressions with nonstationary time series.

Creutz B, (2012), Second \(p\)-descents on elliptic curves.

Creutz B, (2012), Locally trivial torsors that are not Weil-Châtelet divisible.

Creutz B, (2012), Explicit descent in the Picard group of a cyclic cover of the projective line.

Dani P and Thomas A, (2012), Divergence in right-angled Coxeter groups.

de Leeuw M, Matsumoto T, Moriyama S, Regelskis V and Torrielli A, (2012), Secret Symmetries in AdS/CFT.

Easdown D and Wood LN, (2012), Novel threshold concepts in the mathematical sciences.

Fish A, Gurevich S, Hadani R, Sayeed A and Schwartz O, (2012), Delay-Doppler Channel Estimation with Almost Linear Complexity.

Fun A, (2012), Raising operators and the Littlewood-Richardson polynomials.

Hillman JA, (2012), The \(\mathbb{F}_2\)-cohomology rings of \(\mathbb{S}ol^3\)-manifolds.

Iorgov N, Molev AI and Ragoucy E, (2012), Casimir elements from the Brauer-Schur-Weyl duality.

Kawaguchi I, Matsumoto T and Yoshida K, (2012), The classical origin of quantum affine algebra in squashed sigma models.

Kawaguchi I, Matsumoto T and Yoshida K, (2012), On the classical equivalence of monodromy matrices in squashed sigma model.

Thomas A, (2012), Lattices in hyperbolic buildings.

Wang Q and Chan N, (2012), Uniform convergence rates for a class of martingales with application in non-linear co-integrating regression.

Preprints for 2011

Cîrstea FC, (2011), A complete classification of the isolated singularities for nonlinear elliptic equations with inverse square potentials.

Carberry E, Leschke K and Pedit F, (2011), Darboux transforms and spectral curves of constant mean curvature surfaces revisited.

Carberry E and Turner K, (2011), Toda frames, harmonic maps and extended Dynkin diagrams.

Easdown D, (2011), Excursions to and from semantic oblivion.

Hillman JA, (2011), Parallelizability of 4-dimensional infrasolvmanifolds.

Hillman JA, (2011), An infrasolvmanifold which does not bound.

Hu J and Mathas A, (2011), Quiver Schur algebras for the linear quiver I.

Isaev AP, Molev AI and Ogievetsky OV, (2011), A new fusion procedure for the Brauer algebra and evaluation homomorphisms.

Isaev AP, Molev AI and Ogievetsky OV, (2011), Idempotents for Birman-Murakami-Wenzl algebras and reflection equation.

Kleshchev AS, Mathas A and Ram A, (2011), Universal graded Specht modules for cyclotomic Hecke algebras.

Leeuw M, Matsumoto T and Regelskis V, (2011), The Bound State S-matrix of the Deformed Hubbard Chain.

Leeuw M, Matsumoto T and Regelskis V, (2011), Coideal Quantum Affine Algebra and Boundary Scattering of the Deformed Hubbard Chain.

Molev AI, (2011), Feigin-Frenkel center in types B, C and D.

Molev AI, (2011), Pfaffian-type Sugawara operators.

Molev AI and Rozhkovskaya N, (2011), Characteristic maps for the Brauer algebra.

Ormerod JT and Wand MP, (2011), Gaussian Variational Approximate Inference for Generalized Linear Mixed Models.

Sa Ngiamsunthorn P, (2011), An abstract approach to domain perturbation for parabolic equations and parabolic variational inequalities.

Sa Ngiamsunthorn P, (2011), Invariant manifolds for parabolic equations under perturbation of the domain.

Wand MP, Ormerod JT, Padoan SA and Fruhwirth R, (2011), Variational Bayes for Elaborate Distributions.

Wang Q, (2011), Martingale limit theorems revisited and non-linear cointegrating regression.

Wang Q and Wang YXR, (2011), Non-parametric cointegrating regression with NNH errors.

Preprints for 2010

Bridson MR, Groves D, Hillman JA and Martin GJ, (2010), Cofinitely Hopfian groups, open mappings and knot complements.

Capdeboscq I and Thomas A, (2010), Cocompact lattices of minimal covolume in rank 2 Kac-Moody groups, Part I: Edge-transitive lattices.

Capdeboscq I and Thomas A, (2010), Cocompact lattices of minimal covolume in rank 2 Kac-Moody groups, Part II.

Davydov A and Molev AI, (2010), A categorical approach to classical and quantum Schur-Weyl duality.

Duistermaat JJ and Joshi N, (2010), Okamoto's space for the first Painlevé equation in Boutroux's coordinates.

East J, (2010), On the singular part of the partition monoid.

East J, (2010), Singular braids and partial permutations.

East J and McNamara PJ, (2010), On the work performed by a transformation semigroup.

Farb B, Hruska GC and Thomas A, (2010), Problems on automorphism groups of nonpositively curved polyhedral complexes and their lattices.

Futer D and Thomas A, (2010), Surface quotients of hyperbolic buildings.

Hillman JA, (2010), The linking pairings of orientable seifert manifolds.

Hillman JA, (2010), The groups of fibred 2-knots.

Hillman JA, (2010), \(S^2\)-bundles over 2-orbifolds.

Hu J, (2010), On a generalisation of the Dipper–James–Murphy Conjecture.

Hu J and Mathas A, (2010), Morita equivalences of cyclotomic Hecke algebras of type \(G(r,p,n)\) II: the \((\varepsilon,q)\)-separated case.

Hu J and Mathas A, (2010), Graded induction for Specht modules.

Kubena A and Thomas A, (2010), Density of commensurators for uniform lattices of right-angled buildings.

Molev AI, (2010), Combinatorial bases for covariant representations of the Lie superalgebra \( \mathfrak{gl}_{m|n} \).

Roper M, (2010), Arbitrage Free Implied Volatility Surfaces.

Roper M, (2010), Implied volatility: small time-to-expiry asymptotics in exponential Levy models.

Shneerson LM and Easdown D, (2010), Growth of finitely presented Rees quotients of free inverse semigroups.

Thomas A, (2010), Existence, covolumes and infinite generation of lattices for Davis complexes.

Thomas A and Wortman K, (2010), Infinite generation of non-cocompact lattices on right-angled buildings.

Wishart JR and Kułik R, (2010), Kink estimation in stochastic regression with dependent errors and predictors.

Preprints for 2009

Blumen SC, (2009), On the \({\mathrm U}_{q}(\mathrm{osp}(1|2n))\) and \(\mathrm{U}_{-q}(\mathrm{so}(2n+1))\) uncoloured quantum link invariants.

Cîrstea FC and Du Y, (2009), Isolated singularities for weighted quasilinear elliptic equations.

Carberry E, (2009), Associative Cones in the Imaginary Octonions.

Daners D and Kennedy JB, (2009), On the asymptotic behaviour of the eigenvalues of a Robin problem.

Easdown D, (2009), Syntactic and semantic reasoning in mathematics teaching and learning.

Easdown D, Ancev T, Bishop T, Mansfield S, Ougrinovskaia A, Saunders N and Warren D, (2009), Learning and teaching in summer: is it better and why?.

Easdown D, Jordan P and Roberts B, (2009), Biordered sets and fundamental semigroups.

Gow L and Molev AI, (2009), Representations of twisted q-Yangians.

Hillman JA, (2009), Alexander polynomials of ribbon links.

Hillman JA, (2009), 2-knots with solvable groups.

Hu J, (2009), BMW algebra, quantized coordinate algebra and type \(C\) Schur–Weyl duality.

Hu J and Mathas A, (2009), Graded cellular bases for the cyclotomic Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier algebras of type A.

Isaev AP and Molev AI, (2009), Fusion procedure for the Brauer algebra.

Kennedy JB, (2009), Some remarks on the isoperimetric problem for the higher eigenvalues of the Robin and Wentzell Laplacians.

Mathas A, (2009), A Specht filtration of an induced Specht module.

Molev AI and Ragoucy E, (2009), The MacMahon Master Theorem for right quantum superalgebras and higher Sugawara operators for \(\widehat{\mathfrak{gl}}_{(m|n)}\).

Murray SH and Saunders N, (2009), Magma Proof of Strict Inequalities for Minimal Degrees of Finite Groups.

Parkinson J and Schapira B, (2009), A local limit theorem for random walks on the chambers of \(\tilde{A}_2\) buildings.

Saunders N, (2009), Minimal Faithful Permutation Degrees for Irreducible Coxeter Groups.

Preprints for 2008

Chaudhuri N and Cîrstea FC, (2008), On trichotomy of positive singular solutions associated with the Hardy-Sobolev operator.

Chervov AV and Molev AI, (2008), On higher order Sugawara operators.

Cohen AM, Knopper JW and Murray SH, (2008), Automatic proof of graph nonisomorphism.

Cohen AM and Murray SH, (2008), Algorithm for Lang's Theorem.

Cohen AM and Murray SH, (2008), An automated proof theory approach to computation with permutation groups.

Cooperman G and Murray SH, (2008), Computable subgroup chains and shadowing.

Easdown D, Sapir MV and Volkov MV, (2008), Periodic elements of the free idempotent generated semigroup on a biordered set.

Futorny V, Molev AI and Ovsienko S, (2008), Gelfand-Kirillov conjecture and Harish-Chandra modules for finite W-algebras.

Hillman JA, (2008), Finiteness conditions in covers of Poincaré duality spaces.

Hillman JA, (2008), Embedding 3-manifolds with circle actions in 4-space.

Hillman JA, (2008), Geometric decompositions of 4-dimensional bundle spaces.

Hillman JA, (2008), Indecomposable \(PD_3\)-complexes.

Hillman JA and Schmidt A, (2008), Pro-\(p\) groups of positive deficiency.

Isaev AP, Molev AI and Os'kin AF, (2008), On the idempotents of Hecke algebras.

Ivers DJ and Latter H, (2008), Spherical Single-Roll Dynamos at Large Magnetic Reynolds Numbers.

Jomaa Z and Macaskill C, (2008), Numerical solution of the 2-D Poisson equation on an irregular domain with Robin boundary conditions.

Joshi N, Kitaev AV and Treharne PA, (2008), On the linearization of the first and second Painlevé equations.

Joshi N and Morrison T, (2008), New Exact Solutions of Spatially and Temporally Varying Reaction-Diffusion Equations.

Kennedy J, (2008), An isoperimetric inequality for the second eigenvalue of the Laplacian with Robin boundary conditions.

Kułik R and Raimondo M, (2008), \(L^p\)-wavelet regression with correlated errors and inverse problems.

Mathas A and Orellana R, (2008), Cyclotomic Solomon algebras.

Molev AI, (2008), Comultiplication rules for the double Schur functions and Cauchy identities.

Murray SH and Nguyen MVM, (2008), Enumeration of strength 3 mixed orthogonal arrays.

Murray SH and Roney-Dougal CM, (2008), The spinor norm and homomorphism algorithms for classical groups.

Saunders N, (2008), The Minimal Degree for a Class of Finite Complex Reflection Groups.

Schaerf TM and Macaskill C, (2008), Analysis of Contour Crossings in Contour-Advective Simulations - Part 1 - Algorithm.

Preprints for 2007

Billig Y, Molev AI and Zhang RB, (2007), Differential equations in vertex algebras and simple modules for the Lie algebra of vector fields on a torus.

Buchen PW and Ho-Shon K, (2007), Valuation of Real Estate Leases.

Easdown D, (2007), The role of proof in mathematics teaching and the Plateau Principle.

Easdown D, (2007), The importance of true-false statements in mathematics teaching and learning.

Easdown D, East J and FitzGerald DG, (2007), A presentation for the dual symmetric inverse monoid.

Futorny V, Molev AI and Ovsienko S, (2007), Gelfand-Tsetlin bases for representations of finite W-algebras and shifted Yangians.

Hay M, (2007), Hierarchies of nonlinear q-difference equations from series of Lax pairs.

Hillman JA, (2007), Geometries and infrasolvmanifolds in dimension 4.

Hillman JA, (2007), Commensurators and deficiency.

Hillman JA, (2007), Strongly minimal \(PD_4\)-complexes.

Joshi N, Kitaev AV and Treharne PA, (2007), \(3\times3\) Lax pairs for the fourth, fifth and sixth Painlevé equations.

Lehrer GI, (2007), Rational points and Coxeter group actions on the cohomology of toric varieties.

Molev AI, (2007), Littlewood-Richardson polynomials.

Molev AI and Ragoucy E, (2007), Symmetries and invariants of twisted quantum algebras and associated Poisson algebras.

Petrov VV and Robinson J, (2007), On large deviations for sums of independent random variables.

Raimondo M and Stewart M, (2007), The WaveD Transform in R: performs fast translation-invariant wavelet deconvolution..

Saunders N, (2007), A Strict Inequality for a Minimal Degree of a Direct Product.

Wilson BJ, (2007), Imaginary Highest-Weight Representation Theory and Symmetric Functions.

Wilson BJ, (2007), Highest-Weight Theory for Truncated Current Lie Algebras.

Preprints for 2006

Cohen AM, Haller S and Murray SH, (2006), Computing in unipotent and reductive algebraic groups.

Cohen AM and Taylor DE, (2006), On a certain Lie algebra defined by a finite group.

Easdown D, (2006), Teaching mathematics: the gulf between semantics (meaning) and syntax (form).

Easdown D, (2006), Integrating assessment and feedback to overcome barriers to learning at the passive/active interface in mathematics courses.

Easdown D, (2006), A new approach to assignments and examinations in mathematics courses.

Field CM and Ormerod CM, (2006), Multicomponent \(q-P_{IV}\) and its ultradiscrete limit.

Gao J and Wang Q, (2006), Long–Range Dependent Time Series Specification.

Hillman JA, (2006), On Farber's invariants for simple \(2q\)-knots.

Hillman JA, (2006), Knot groups and slice conditions.

Hu Z, Petrov VV and Robinson J, (2006), On large deviations of sums of independent random variables.

Hu Z, Robinson J and Wang Q, (2006), Cramer-type large deviations for samples from a finite population.

Ivers DJ and Phillips CG, (2006), Scalar and vector spherical harmonic spectral equations of rotating non-linear and linearised magnetohydrodynamics.

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