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Postgraduate Theses in the School of Mathematics and Statistics

Theses submitted in 2024

William Trad Mean Sojourn Time and Eigenvalue Variation Problems (Supervisor: Leo Tzou)

Theses submitted in 2023

Yossi Bokor Geometric and Topological Shape Analysis: Investigating and summarising the shape of data (Supervisor: Lamiae Azizi)
Lachlan Burton Transient Chaos in Dissipative Chaotic Scattering (Supervisor: Eduardo Altmann)
Mitchell Curran Hamiltonian spectral theory and the Maslov index (Supervisor: Robert Marangell)
Tomas Lasic Latimer \(q\)-orthogonal polynomials and the Riemann-Hilbert problem (Supervisor: Nalini Joshi)
Diana Nguyen Classification of integrable systems arising from separation of variables (Supervisor: Holger Dullin)
Peng Su Robust statistical estimation and selection for cellwise contaminated data (Supervisor: Garth Tarr)
Hosea Wondo Curvature Estimates for Geometric Deformations in Kähler Geometry (Supervisor: Zhou Zhang)
Yuk Wong Machine learning in portfolio management (Supervisor: Jennifer Chan)
Wenqi Yue Model Reduction for the Kuramoto-Sakaguchi Model: analyzing the effect of non-entrained rogue oscillators (Supervisor: Georg Gottwald)
Thi Bui Spectral stability of travelling waves in the Fisher-Kolmogorov-Petrovsky-Piskunov and Fisher-Stefan models (Supervisor: Robert Marangell)
Arya Ebadi Analysing the False Discovery Proportion in Competition-Based Multiple Hypothesis Testing (Supervisor: Uri Keich)
Hao Huang Machine learning for single-cell omics data analysis (Supervisor: Pengyi Yang)
Zitao Wang Statistical modelling of citation patterns for publications in Statistics journals (Supervisor: Jean Yang)
Ziyuan Wang Single-agent and mean-field time-inconsistent stopping problems in discrete time (Supervisor: Zhou Zhou)

Theses submitted in 2022

Gaston Burrull Naredo On the combinatorics of parabolic Schubert varieties (Supervisor: Geordie Williamson)
Yue Cao Methods towards precision bioinformatics in single cell era (Supervisor: Jean Yang)
Matthew Cassell Asymptotically Reduced Models in Strong Field Magnetoconvection (Supervisor: Geoff Vasil)
Joshua Ciappara Hecke Category Actions Via Smith--Treumann Theory (Supervisor: Geordie Williamson)
Timothy Collier A doubly nonlinear fractional diffusive equation (Supervisor: Daniel Hauer)
Yue He Stochastic processes with applications in physics and insurance (Supervisor: Ray Kawai)
Richard Hunt Investigations into seasonal ARMA processes (Supervisor: Shelton Peiris)
Jieun Kim Computational tools for the integrative analysis of muti-omics data to decipher trans-omics networks (Supervisor: Yang P)
Taiyun Kim Development of statistical methods for integrative omics analysis in precision medicine (Supervisor: Pengyi Yang)
Yingxin Lin Statistical modelling and machine learning for single cell data harmonisation and analysis (Supervisor: Yang JYH)
Isabella Loughland Transient responses to thermal change and underlying mechanisms (Supervisor: Frank Seebacher)
Jonathan Mui Eventual positivity and asymptotic behaviour for higher-order evolution equations (Supervisor: Daniel Daners)
Chenxiao Song Monte Carlo variance reduction methods with applications in structural reliability analysis (Supervisor: Ray Kawai)
Kane Townsend Sylow classes of reflection subgroups and pseudo-Levi subgroups (Supervisor: Henderson A)
Giulian Wiggins Stratified categories and a geometric approach to representations of the Schur algebra (Supervisor: Oded Yacobi)
Xiangnan Xu A statistical framework for nutriomics data analysis (Supervisor: Jean Yang)
Yunwei Zhang Statistical methods for complex multi-modality kidney disease data (Supervisor: Jean Yang)

Theses submitted in 2021

Nicholas James Statistical learning approaches for time series analysis (Supervisor: Chan JS)
Chunxi Jiao Semidefinite relaxations for a linear programming approach to exit-time stochastic control (Supervisor: Kawai R)
Mengfan Lyu Generalized Temperley-Lieb algebras for imprimitive reflection groups (Supervisor: Lehrer GI)
Haruki Osaka Asymptotics of mixture model selection (Supervisor: Stewart M)
George Papadopoulos Summer School versus term-time for undergraduate mathematics (Supervisor: Easdown D)
Qinjing Qiu Iterative approximations and hard bounds for stochastic process with jumps (Supervisor: Kawai R)
Connor Smith Resampling Based Model Selection for Correlated and Complex Data (Supervisor: Muller S)
Hao Wu Modelling and Estimation of Vector Gegenbauer Processes with Financial Applications (Supervisor: Peiris MS)
Yeeka Yau Automatic Structures for Coxeter Groups (Supervisor: Parkinson JW)
Yilin Ma Nonlinear Calderón Problem on Stein Manifolds (Supervisor: Tzou L)
Andy Tran Statistical Modelling for Cell Reprogramming (Supervisor: Ormerod JT)
Madeleine Cartwright Collective coordinates approach for travelling waves in stochastic partial differential equations (Supervisor: Gottwald GA)

Theses submitted in 2020

Ishraq Ahmed Multiphase models of early atherosclerotic plaque formation (Supervisor: Myerscough MR)
Kristen Emery Controlling the FDR through multiple competition (Supervisor: Keich U)
Sean Gardiner On maximal subgroups of idempotent-generated semigroups associated with biordered sets (Supervisor: Easdown D)
Joel Gibson A Demazure character formula for the product monomial crystal (Supervisor: Yacobi O)
Eric Hester Modelling fluid-solid interactions (Supervisor: Vasil GM)
Bernard Ikhimwin A computational model of the initial/pre-collecting lymphatics, and a study of lymphatic valvogenesis (Supervisor: Myerscough MR)
Samuel Jelbart Beyond slow-fast: relaxation oscillations in singularly perturbed non-smooth systems (Supervisor: Wechselberger M)
Edward Kim Arbitrage-free valuation in nonlinear financial models (Supervisor: Rutkowski M)
Adarsh Kumbhari Mathematical models of cellular dysfunction (Supervisor: Kim PS)
Pantea Pooladvand Mathematical models in oncolytic virotherapy and immunology. (Supervisor: Kim PS)
James Yang Singular Perturbation of Stochastic Control and Differential Games (Supervisor: Goldys B)
Yang Zhang Combinatorics of Milnor fibres of reflection arrangements (Supervisor: Zhang RB)
Carol Badre The finite and infinite generation of groups acting on CAT(0)-cube complexes (Supervisor: Thomas A)
Zacharia Issa Robust quantitative finance and martingale optimal transport (Supervisor: Hauer D)
Mengbo Li Integration of multi-model data to guide classification in studies of complex diseases (Supervisor: Yang JYH)
Vishnu Mangalath Singularities of Whitham deformations (Supervisor: Carberry EE)
Mark Perrin Semialgebraic Geometry (Supervisor: Paunescu L)

Theses submitted in 2019

Huda Alrashdi q-discrete Painleve equations, their hierarchies and properties (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Becky Armstrong Simplicity of twisted C*-algebras of topological higher-rank graphs (Supervisor: Brownlowe N)
Timothy Bywaters Connections between Willis' theory for totally disconnected locally compact groups and graph automorphisms (Supervisor: Ramagge J)
Sean Carnaffan Anomalous diffusion processes: Stochastic models and their properties (Supervisor: Kawai R)
Nathan Duignan On the regularisation of simultaneous binary collisions (Supervisor: Dullin HR)
David Farmer Hybrid Radial hp/Angular Galerkin Methods in Linearised Rotating Magnetohydrodynamics in Spheres and Related Geometries (Supervisor: Ivers DJ)
Hugh Ford Theory and experiments on cannibalism in macrophages (Supervisor: Myerscough MR)
Brent Giggins Stochastically Modified Bred Vectors (Supervisor: Gottwald GA)
Adrianne Jenner Applications of Mathematical Modelling in Oncolytic Virotherapy and Immunotherapy (Supervisor: Kim PS)
Alexander Kerschl Simple modules of cyclotomic Hecke algebras (Supervisor: Mathas A)
Sara Loo Mathematical modelling of the evolution of human behaviours and strategic choice (Supervisor: Kim PS)
Sarah Romanes Discriminant analysis methods for large scale and complex datasets (Supervisor: Ormerod JT)
Dominic Tate On the Fock-Goncharov Moduli Space for Real Projective Structures on Surfaces: Cell Decomposition, Buildings and Compactification (Supervisor: Tillmann S)
Ana Tiplea Super-replication of American options in an uncertain volatility model (Supervisor: Goldys B)
Yuxiang Wang A statistical framework for incorporating multi-omics technologies for precision medicine (Supervisor: Yang JYH)
Caroline Wormell Statistical properties of chaotic systems: from 1D maps to high dimensions (Supervisor: Gottwald GA)
Weichang Yu Bayesian variable selection for high-dimension discriminant analysis (Supervisor: Ormerod JT)
Jonathan Eade Mathematical models for the study of the transmission of Nosema ceranae through a honey bee colony (Apis mellifera) (Supervisor: Myerscough MR)
Zeaiter Zeaiter The Effect of Thermoregulatory Stress on Honey Bee Hives (Supervisor: Myerscough MR)

Theses submitted in 2018

Alex Casella Branched CR structures on once-punctured torus bundles (Supervisor: Tillmann S)
Leanne Dong Stochastic Navier-Stokes equations on the 2D rotating spheres with stable Lévy noise (Supervisor: Goldys B)
Mark Greenaway Numerically stable approximate Bayesian methods for generalized linear mixed models and linear model selection (Supervisor: Ormerod J)
Lucy Klinger A mean field game analysis of sponsored search auctions (Supervisor: Ivers D)
Qing Liu Elliptic asymptotic behaviours of continuous and discrete Painlevé equations (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Steven Luu Exponential asymptotics for discrete Painlevé equations (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Alexander Majchrowski Convex and two-convex hypersurfaces along exterior flows (Supervisor: Zhang Z)
Ali Mohammadi On the sum-product phenomenon in arbitrary finite fields and its applications (Supervisor: Watkins M)
Desmond Ng Nonlinear pricing in discrete-time under default and optimal collateral (Supervisor: Rutkowski M)
Matthew Nolan Geometry of integrable lattice equations and their reductions (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Andrew Phillip On Gegenbauer long memory stochastic volatility models: A Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo approach with applications (Supervisor: Chan J)
Shonal Singh Spaces of initial values of differential equations with the Painlevé property (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Jakub Tomczyk Correlated square root process in finite and infinite dimensions (Supervisor: Goldys B)
Michael Twiton Analysis of singular solutions of certain Painlevé equations (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Hongxuan Yan Generalised linear Gegenbauer long memory models for time series of counts with financial and insurance applications (Supervisor: Chan J)
Dickson Annor On the Varieties of Representations into GL(4;C): The Trefoil Knot (Supervisor: Tillmann S)
Zeina Haidar Periodic trajectories of pseudo-integrable billiard within circle with a barrier (Supervisor: Radnovic M)
Huimin Yuan Analysis of Fractionally Differenced Processes with Heteroscedastic Errors (Supervisor: Peiris S)

Theses submitted in 2017

Louis Bhim Polynomial bounds for solutions to boundary value and obstacle problems with applications to financial derivative pricing (Supervisor: Kawai R)
Kamil Bulinski Interactions between ergodic theory and combinatorial number theory (Supervisor: Fish A)
Ting-Ying Chang On singular solutions of weighted divergence operators (Supervisor: Cirstea F)
Joshua Ching Singular solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations with gradient terms (Supervisor: Cirstea F)
Shila Ghazanfar Statistical approaches to harness high throughput sequencing data in diverse biological systems (Supervisor: Yang J H)
Thanakorn Nitithumbundit EM algorithms for multivariate skewed variance gamma distribution with unbounded densities and applications (Supervisor: Chan J)
Thomas Porter A higher order analysis of sparse normal mixtures (Supervisor: Stewart M)
Kerry-Lyn Roberts Geometric singular perturbation theory and averaging: Analysing torus canards in neural models (Supervisor: Wechselberger M)
Pieter Roffelsen On the global asymptotic analysis of a q-discrete Painlevé equation (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Joachim Worthington Stability theory and Hamiltonian dynamics in the Euler ideal fluid equations (Supervisor: Dullin HR)
Philip Bos On Ramanujan's tau-function, modular forms and Hecke operators (Supervisor: Parkinson J)

Theses submitted in 2016

Michael Barwick Morse classification of low order jet spaces (Supervisor: Paunescu L)
Matthew Chan Mathematical modelling of dispersal and evolution of life-history traits in biological populations (Supervisor: Kim P)
John Mitry A geometric singular perturbation approach to neural excitability (Supervisor: Wechselberger M)
Ross Ogilvie Deformations of harmonic tori in \(S^3\) (Supervisor: Carberry E)
Dario Strbenac Novel preprocessing approaches for omics data types and their performance evaluation (Supervisor: Yang J)
Wei Wu Limitations of dynamic programming approach: singularity and time-inconsistency (Supervisor: Goldys B)
Huon Wilson Computing fast and accurate convolutions (Supervisor: Keich U)
James Gregory A q-discrete analogue of the third Painlevé equation and its linear problem (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Andrew Swan Global statistics of banded random matrices and the Poisson/Gaudin-Mehta conjecture (Supervisor: Olver S)

Theses submitted in 2015

Alex Chalmers Mathematical modelling of atherosclerosis (Supervisor: Myerscough MR)
Gnanadarsha Dissanayake Advancement of fractionally differenced Gegenbauer processes with long memory (Supervisor: Peiris S)
Matthew Fitzpatrick Multi-regime models involving Markov chains (Supervisor: Stewart M)
Kaushala Jayawardana Prognostic methods for integrating data from complex diseases (Supervisor: Yang JH)
Kevin Murray Improved monotone polynomial fitting with applications and variable selection (Supervisor: Mueller S)
John Nakhoul The Kahler-Ricci flow on Riemann surfaces (Supervisor: Carberry E)
Danya Rose Geometric phase and periodic orbits of the equal-mass, planar three-body problem with vanishing angular momentum (Supervisor: Dullin HR)
Andrew Stephan Convection driven dynamos in rotating spheres (Supervisor: Ivers DJ)
Silvio Tarca Regulatory capital modelling for credit risk (Supervisor: Rutkowski M)
William Tong Coupled rigid body dynamics with application to diving (Supervisor: Dullin HR)
Montek Gill Representations of the fundamental groups of triangulated 3-manifolds (Supervisor: Tillmann S)
Michael Hendriksen Minimal permutation representations of classes of semidirect products of groups (Supervisor: Easdown D)
Damian Sercombe A family of uniform lattices acting on a Davis complex with a non-discrete set of covolumes (Supervisor: Paunescu L)

Theses submitted in 2014

Alexander Badran Arbitrage-free models for VIX and equity derivatives (Supervisor: Goldys B)
Clinton Boys Alternating quiver Hecke algebras (Supervisor: Mathas A)
Alice Dong Bayesian analysis of reserving models and applications (Supervisor: Chan JS)
Darren Engwirda Locally optimal Delaunay-refinement and optimisation-based mesh generation (Supervisor: Ivers DJ)
John Maclean Numerical multiscale methods for ordinary differential equations (Supervisor: Gottwald G)
Inga Samonenko Nonparametric permutation test statistics and their saddlepoint approximations (Supervisor: Robinson J)
Duncan Sutherland Numerical study of vortex generation in bounded flows with no-slip and partial slip boundary conditions (Supervisor: Macaskill C)
Nicole Sutherland Algorithms for Galois extensions of global function fields (Supervisor: Donnelly S and Fieker C)
Emi Tanaka Statistical methods for improving motif evaluation (Supervisor: Keich U)
Garth Tarr Quantile based estimation of scale and dependence (Supervisor: Weber NC)
Victor Vera Ruiz Recoding of Markov processes in phylogenetic models (Supervisor: Robinson J)
Theodore Vo Geometric singular perturbation analysis of mixed-mode dynamics in pituitary cells (Supervisor: Wechselberger M)
Gareth White Algorithms for Galois group computations over multivariate function fields (Supervisor: Donnelly S and Fieker C)
Chong You Model selection and estimating degrees of freedom in Bayesian linear and linear mixed models (Supervisor: Mueller S)

Theses submitted in 2013

Natalie Aisbett Gamma polynomials of flag homology spheres (Supervisor: Henderson A)
Nigel Chan Uniform convergence on non-linear cointegrating regression (Supervisor: Wang Q)
Ivan Guo Competitive multi-player stochastic games with applications to multi-person financial contracts (Supervisor: Rutkowski M)
Philip Howes Geometry of Painlevé equations and birational maps (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Ellis Patrick Statistical methods for the analysis and interpretation of RNA-Seq data (Supervisor: Yang JH)
Yinan Zhang p-adic verification of class number computations (Supervisor: Watkins M and Fieker C)
Matthew Gibson Graded decomposition numbers in type A (Supervisor: Mathas A)
Nicholas Wilson Dyson-Schwinger equations in quantum electrodynamics at finite temperature (Supervisor: Zhang R and Ivers D)

Theses submitted in 2012

Samuel Butler Inverse scattering transform method for lattice equations (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Alex Fun Raising operators, recurrences and the Littlewood-Richardson polynomials (Supervisor: Molev AI)
Igor Geninson Option pricing in composite volatility models (Supervisor: Buchen PW)
Hamish Ivey-Law Algorithmic aspects of hyperelliptic curves and their Jacobians (Supervisor: Kohel DR)
Ge Li Integral basis theorem of cyclotomic Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier algebras of type A (Supervisor: Mathas A)
Libo Li Random times and enlargements of filtrations (Supervisor: Rutkowski M)
Erwin Lobo Modelling the role of interclonal cooperativity during early carcinogenesis (Supervisor: Myerscough MR)
Roy Nawar On pricing and hedging of commodity derivatives and other hybrid products: theories and empirical implementations (Supervisor: Ivers DJ)
Marten Ting Asymptotic techniques and stochastic volatility in option pricing problems (Supervisor: Weber NC)
Jennifer Wilcox Some aspects of non parametric maximum likelihood for normal mixtures (Supervisor: Stewart M)
George Papadopoulos Semi-global symplectic invariants of the Euler top (Supervisor: Dullin HR)
Graham White Covolumes of latticies in automorphism groups of trees and Davis complexes (Supervisor: Thomas A)

Theses submitted in 2011

Anna Campain Challenges associated with clinical studies and the integration of gene expression data. (Supervisor: Yang Jean)
James Edwards Decision making by collective intelligences (Supervisor: Myerscough MR)
Ian Gregory Large scale simulations in mathematical finance, with application to asymptotic statistics, pairs trading and CPPI (Supervisor: Ewald CO)
Justin Koonin Topology of eigenspace posets for unitary reflection groups (Supervisor: Lehrer GI)
Jonathan Kusilek On representations of affine Hecke algebras (Supervisor: Lehrer GI)
Lewis Mitchell Incorporating climatological information into ensemble data assimilation (Supervisor: Gottwald GA)
Parinya Sa Ngiamsunthorn Domain perturbation for parabolic equations (Supervisor: Daners D)
Allan Steel Construction of ordinary irreducible representations of finite groups (Supervisor: Cannon JJ)
Joanna Wang Bayesian analysis of stochastic volatility models: Modelling and application (Supervisor: Chan JS)
Justin Wishart Nonparametric estimation of change-points in derivatives (Supervisor: Weber NC)
Michael Barwick The Newton polygon and the Puiseux characteristic (Supervisor: Paunescu L)
Pamela Guzman Dispersive regularisations for the inviscid Burgers equation (Supervisor: Gottwald GA)
Connie Lam Geometric process models for financial time series (Supervisor: Chan JS)

Theses submitted in 2010

John Bourke Codescent objects in 2-dimensional universal algebra (Supervisor: Lack S)
Xiang Fu Root systems and reflection representations of Coxeter groups (Supervisor: Howlett RB)
Thomas Fung Tail dependence and mixing in the variance gamma and related models (Supervisor: Seneta E)
Sebastian Hermann Numerical investigation of the large core limit of spiral waves in excitable media (Supervisor: Gottwald G)
Ziad Jomaa The CASL method for vortex flows in irregularly shaped domains and the numerical solution of the Poisson equation (Supervisor: Macaskill C)
Tim Kyng Application of Black Scholes exotic option pricing theory to real options and executive share options (Supervisor: Buchen P/Weber NC/Konstandatos O)
Anna Ougrinovskaia Mathematical models of atherosclerosis (Supervisor: Thompson RS)
Neil Saunders Minimal faithful permutation representations of finite groups (Supervisor: Easdown D)
Wai Wan Extensions of the Poisson geometric process model with applications (Supervisor: Chan JS)

Theses submitted in 2009

Alhaji Bachtiar A study of planar dynamos and related issues (Supervisor: James RW)
Richard Finlay The variance gamma (VG) module with long range dependence (Supervisor: Seneta E)
James Kennedy On the isoperimetric problem for the Laplacian with Robin and Wentzell boundary conditions (Supervisor: Daners D)
Tegan Morrison Asymptotics of higher order Painlevé equations (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Van Nguyen \(W\)-graphs for Hecke algebras (Supervisor: Howlett RB)
Yang Shi \(q\)-Discrete Painlevé Equations and the Associated Linear Problems (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Tony Vassallo New models for pricing credit deriivatives (Supervisor: Buchen PW)
Ley Wilson \(Q\)-curves with complex multiplication (Supervisor: Kohel DR)
David Kelly On the Topology of Synchrony Optimised Networks (Supervisor: Gottwald G)
Michael Sun Orbits on the enhanced and exotic nilpotent cone (Supervisor: Henderson A)
Katharine Turner Willmore Tori in \(S^3\) (Supervisor: Carberry E)
Grad Dip:
Jong-Wook Son N/A (Supervisor: N/A)

Theses submitted in 2008

David Gruenewald Explicit algorithms for Humbert surfaces (Supervisor: Kohel DR)
Mike Hay Discrete Lax pairs, reductions and hierarchies (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Kevin Ho Shon Real estate leases and real options (Supervisor: Buchen PW)
Mark Hopkins Quantum affine algebras: quantum Sylvestor theorem, skew modules and centralizer construction (Supervisor: Molev AI)
Shakti Menon Bifurcation problems in chaotically stirred reaction-diffusion systems (Supervisor: Gottwald G)
Yunchuan Yin \(W\)-graph representations for Coxeter groups and Hecke algebras (Supervisor: Howlett RB)
Stephen Enright-Ward CM proofs for elliptic curves over number fields (Supervisor: Kohel DR)
John Hornibrook Combustion waves in solid and viscous fuels (Supervisor: Gottwald G and Balasuriya S)

Theses submitted in 2007

Lucy Gow Yangians of Lie Superalgebras (Supervisor: Molev AI)
Mauro Grassi The isomorphism problem for a class of finitely generated Coxeter groups (Supervisor: Howlett RB)
Matthew Hardman Maximum entropy and its application to option pricing. (Supervisor: Buchen PW)
Vivek Jayaswal General Markov Models for Nucleotide Sequence Evolution (Supervisor: Robinson J)
Chris Ormerod Associated linear theory of ultradiscrete Painlevé equations (Supervisor: Joshi N)
Brad Roberts On Bosets and Fundamental Semigroups (Supervisor: Easdown D)
Karl Rodolfo A comparative study of American option valuation and computation (Supervisor: Buchen PW)
Timothy Schaerf On contour crossings in countour-advective simulations of geophysical fluid flows (Supervisor: Macaskill CC)
Ben Wilson Representations of infinite-dimensional Lie Algebras (Supervisor: Molev AI/Futorny VM)
Shona Yu The Cyclotomic Birman-Murakami-Wenzl Algebras (Supervisor: Howlett RB)
James Edwards Modelling Chemical Communication in Neuroglia (Supervisor: Gibson WG)

Theses submitted in 2006

Alistair Merrifield An investigation of mathematical models for animal group movement, using classical and statistical approaches (Supervisor: Myerscough M)
Peter O'Sullivan The generalised Jacobson-Morosov theorem (Supervisor: Lehrer GI)
Devindri Perera Saddlepoint approximation methods in the analysis of panel time series data (Supervisor: Peiris MS)
Leah Ratliff The alternating Hecke algebra and its representations (Supervisor: Mathas A)
Gregory White Enumeration-based algorithms in linear coding theory (Supervisor: Cannon JJ)

Theses submitted in 2005

Faisal Ababneh Models and estimation for phylogenetic trees (Supervisor: Robinson J)
Sacha Blumen Quantum superalgebras at roots of unity and topological invariants of three-manifolds (Supervisor: Zhang RB)
James East On monoids related to braid groups and transformation semigroups (Supervisor: Easdown D)
Hai Ho On Hilbert modular forms (Supervisor: Lai K)
Krishnasamy Muraleedaran Investigation of normalizers of parabolic subgroups of irreducible unitary reflection groups (Supervisor: Taylor DE)
James Parkinson Buildings and Hecke Algebras (Supervisor: Cartwright DI)
Benjamin Smith Explicit endomorphisms and correspondences (Supervisor: Kohel D)
Annie Tjetjep Estimation under GNVM for Financial Data (Supervisor: Seneta E)
Stewart Wilcox Cellularity of Twisted Semigroup Algebras of Regular Semigroups (Supervisor: Easdown D)

Theses submitted in 2004

Noelle Antony On Singular Artin Monoids (Supervisor: Easdown D)
William Bertram Modelling asset dynamics via an empirical investigation of Australian stock data (Supervisor: Buchen PW)
Beatrice Bleile Poincaré Duality Pairs of Dimension Three (Supervisor: Hillman JA)
Feng Dai Approximation of real smooth functions (Supervisor: Brown G)
Michael Kemp Geometric Seifert 4-manifolds with aspherical bases (Supervisor: Hillman JA)
Otto Konstandatos A new framework for pricing barrier and lookback options (Supervisor: Buchen PW)
Greg Woodbury Modelling emergent properties of the visual cortex (Supervisor: Gibson W)
Ruxue Yu Fixed point calculations on cones (Supervisor: Dancer EN)
Ponnuthurai Ainkaran Analysis of some linear and nonliner time series models (Supervisor: Peiris MS)
Henrik Latter Topics in Kinematic Dynamo Theory (Supervisor: Ivers D)
Stephen Meagher Cusps of Hilbert modular surfaces and 4-folds (Supervisor: Paunescu L)

Theses submitted in 2003

Greg Lemon Mathematical modelling of some aspects of intracellular second messenger signalling (Supervisor: Gibson W)
Emmanuel Letellier Fourier transforms of invariant functions on a finite Lie algebra (Supervisor: Lehrer GI/Michel J)
Jonathan Turner Signal processing applied to satellite magnetic data (Supervisor: Ivers D)
Lei Zhang The interaction effect of self-heating packages in a shipping container (Supervisor: Macaskill CC)

Theses submitted in 2002

Michael Stewart Asymptotic methods for tests of homogeneity finite mixture models (Supervisor: Robinson J)
Peter Zeitsch Symmetry groups for hypergeometric partial differential equations (Supervisor: Fackerell ED/Cosgrove C)
Alhaji Bachtiar Numerical investigation of the planar flow anti-Dynamo theorem (Supervisor: James RW)
Katherine Courtney Asymptotics for estimators of the shape parameter for the negative binomial distribution (Supervisor: Weber NC)
Patrick Jordan On biordered sets, including an alternative approach to fundamental regular semigroups (Supervisor: Easdown D)
John McCloughan Evolving synoptic maps of the solar magnetic field (Supervisor: Durrant C)
Fai Tsang Gelfand-Tsetlin bases for representations of general linear algebras (Supervisor: Molev A)

Theses submitted in 2001

Melissa Cox Models for self-organisation in insect societies. (Supervisor: Myerscough M)
William Franzsen Automorphisms of Coxeter groups (Supervisor: Howlett RB)
Andrew Hayen Some exact results for Poisson Voronoi tesselations (Supervisor: Quine MP)
Christopher Macmeikan The equivariant cohomology of toral complements (Supervisor: Lehrer GI)
Usha Sridhar Models of associative memory (Supervisor: Gibson W)
Ilknur Tulunay Cuspidal modules of finite general linear groups. (Supervisor: Howlett RB)
Andrew Vincent Mathematical analyses of ant-based systems. (Supervisor: Myerscough M)

Theses submitted in 2000

Ruth Corran On monoids related to braid groups (Supervisor: Easdown D)
Susan Evans-Riley On the derived length of finite, graded Lie rings with prime-power order, and groups with prime-power order (Supervisor: Gagen T/Newman M)
Hossein Farajollahi Time and observables in general relativity and parametrised theories (Supervisor: Luckock H)
Rungao Jin Some aspects of saddlepoint approximations for non-parametric statistics (Supervisor: Robinson J)
Rupert Littlewood Hierarchies and asymptotics of Painlevé type equations (Supervisor: Cosgrove C)
Hamish Meffin Two neural models-I A cortical memory model, and II Networks of leakless integrate-and-fire neurons (Supervisor: Gibson W)
David O'Toole Self-organised criticality in lattice swarms (Supervisor: Myerscough M)
Kevin Ho Shon Signal processing of dynamic positron emission tomography studies (Supervisor: Buchen PW)

Theses submitted in 1999

Robin Cobb Infra-solvmanifolds of dimension four (Supervisor: Hillman JA)
Clare Coleman Circle decompositions of rings, in particular, Munn rings (Supervisor: Easdown D)
Amitavo Islam Constructing free distributive categories (Supervisor: Walters RFC)
George Scoufis An application of the inverse scattering transformation to some nonlinear integro-differential equations (Supervisor: Cosgrove C)
Ziad Jomaa Analysis of equivalent circuits for voltage-clamp experiments (Supervisor: Gibson W)
Krishnasamy Muraleedaran Primitive unitary reflection groups with non-abelian fitting subgroup (Supervisor: Taylor DE)

Theses submitted in 1998

Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Symmetric attractors of equivariant maps on the torus. (Supervisor: Dancer EN)
Robert Cameron Axisymmetric magnetoconvection (Supervisor: Galloway DJ)
Clare Chapman Investigation of synchronisation in a mathematical model of cortical function (Supervisor: Gibson W / Wright J)
James Clark The dynamical behaviour of a rotating thread (Supervisor: Fraser WB)
Diana Combe Distance transitive directed graphs and multiplicity free primitive permutation representations with almost no real irreducible constituents (Supervisor: Taylor DE)
Alex Davyskib Gyroscopic stabilization of a spacecraft with two antennas attached (Supervisor: Winch DE)
Thomas Gillespie The stochastically subordinated Poisson normal process for modelling financial assets (Supervisor: Buchen PW/Edelman DC)
Philipp Hofflin Intermediate alpha-omega geodynamo models (Supervisor: James RW)
Brett McElwee Locally ordered bisets (Supervisor: Easdown D)
Tim Svenson Groups acting simply transitively on \(\tilde A_n)\ buildings (Supervisor: Cartwright DI)
Diana Warren The Frobenius-Harper Technique in a General Recurrence Model (Supervisor: Seneta E)
Henry Weld On categories of asynchronous circuits (Supervisor: Walters RFC)
Gregory Cave The stability of the two-for-one twister balloon with yarn elasticity (Supervisor: Fraser WB)
Vinsenia Suhana Comparison of variance estimates for parameter estimators in Cox regression (Supervisor: Weber NC)

Theses submitted in 1997

Ronen Ben Hador Seismic surface wave computations in non-uniform layered media (Supervisor: Buchen PW)
Jerome Blair The Poincaré polynomials of the complex reflection groups (Supervisor: Lehrer GI)
Damien Burtonclay On the determination of the internal solar rotation profile through helioseismology (Supervisor: Wilson PR)
John Crisp Three topics in topology and group theory (Supervisor: Hillman JA)
Robert Gates On extensive and distributive categories (Supervisor: Walters RFC)
Stephen Goulter The global semi-diurnal atmospheric tides S2, L2 and N2 (Supervisor: Winch DE)
David Jackson On nilpotent orbits of type \(G_2\) (Supervisor: Lehrer GI)
Rowan Kemp Combinatorics on Fibonacci Lattices (Supervisor: Wehrhahn KH)
Simon Ku Tests based on sample partial autocorrelations (Supervisor: Seneta E)
Ben Langton Lie symmetry techniques for exact interior solutions of the Einstein field equations for axially symmetric, stationary, rigidly rotating perfect fluids (Supervisor: Fackerell ED)
Joseph Lau Growth of a Class of Inverse Semigroups (Supervisor: Easdown D/Howlett RB)
Olga Podvigina Spatially periodic steady and evolutionary solutions to the three dimensional Navier-Stokes equation and ABC forcing (Supervisor: Galloway DJ)
Richard Rannard Normal surfaces and the topology of three-manifolds (Supervisor: Hillman JA)
Jennifer Law Markov models for linear growth models (Supervisor: Quine MP)

Theses submitted in 1996

Tu Chen Multivariate Bonferroni-type inequalities and optimality (Supervisor: Seneta E)
Piergiulio Katis Categories and bicategories of processes (Supervisor: Walters RFC)
Mark Leeming Computing left Kan extensions using generalizations of the Todd-Coxeter procedure (Supervisor: Walters RFC)
Chunsheng Ma Asymptotic approximations for sample quantiles (Supervisor: Robinson J)
Andrew Solomon Concrete monoids, automata and the catalan construction (Supervisor: Easdown D)
Remy Van de Ven Estimation in mixed Poisson regression models (Supervisor: Weber NC)
Richard Hunt An investigation into the variance and bias of some lag windows spectral density (Supervisor: Peiris MS)
Ivan Le Creurer Algebraic presentation of categories with certain limits over the category of graphs (Supervisor: Kelly GM/Sun SH)

Theses submitted in 1995

Ping Cao Wave scattering from rough surfaces (Supervisor: Macaskill CC)
John Graham Modular representations of Hecke algebras and related algebras (Supervisor: Lehrer GI)
Oliver Jones On the geometry of varieties of invertible symmetric and skew-symmetric matrices (Supervisor: Dimca A)
Timothy Lavers The Vine monoid and its associated transformation monoids (Supervisor: Easdown D)
Qing Zhou Poincaré polynomials for projective hypersurfaces (Supervisor: Dimca A)

Theses submitted in 1994

Brigitte Brink On root systems and automacity of Coxeter groups (Supervisor: Howlett RB)
Neil Holbrook Temperature variability in the Southwest Pacific Ocean (Supervisor: Macaskill CC)
Wafaa Khalil Functional processors with applications to imperative programming (Supervisor: Walters RFC)
John Thatcher The chromospheres of K dwarf stars (Supervisor: Rees/Durrant CJ)
Peter Thomson Statistics models of synaptic transmission (Supervisor: Robinson J)
Jan Hansen Symmetry analysis of kinematic magnetic induction equations (Supervisor: Fackerell ED)
Chris Oliwa A new approach to the quantization of Bianchi Class A models in supergravity (Supervisor: Luckock HC)
Walid Ramadan Half spin representations and the Klein correspondence (Supervisor: Taylor DE)
Phaedra Ravier-Hay Observation and modelling of the mixed layer in the western tropical pacific warm (Supervisor: Ivers DJ)