Geordie Williamson

Professor of Mathematics at the University of Sydney and director of the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute.

g dot williamson at sydney

For all submissions to Inventiones Mathematicae or Crelle, please use the addresses on my submission info page.
Carslaw, 812 (map).
+61 (0)2 9351 5806
Sydney Mathematical Research Institute
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Faculty of Science Room L4.44, Quadrangle A14
The University of Sydney, NSW , 2006

Slides (and a video) from a colloquium in Berlin giving a historical introduction to representation theory.

My Takagi lectures (lecture one, lecture two) provide an introduction to some of the themes of my current research (for mathematicians).

A video illustrating the billiards conjecture.

My CV and my publication list are available to download as PDFs.

Video and slides of my lecture at the ICM in Rio.