Geordie Williamson

Director of the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Sydney.

g dot williamson at sydney

For all submissions to Inventiones Mathematicae, please use the addresses on my submission info page.
L4.41, Quadrangle A14, University of Sydney (map).
+61 (0)2 9351 5806
Sydney Mathematical Research Institute
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Faculty of Science Room L4.44, Quadrangle A14
The University of Sydney, NSW , 2006

My CV and my publication list are available to download as PDFs.

Video and slides of my lecture at the ICM in Rio.

Video of my Sydney Ideas lecture on "Math, AI and intuition"

Slides (and a video) from a colloquium in Berlin giving a historical introduction to representation theory.

My Takagi lectures (lecture one, lecture two) provide an introduction to some of the themes of my current research (for mathematicians).

A video illustrating the billiards conjecture.