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Monday, 22 January 2024.
Zhewen Feng
Postdoc Research Fellow @ University of Queensland, Australia

Zhewen Feng received his PhD in Mathematics at the University of Queensland in June 2021 under the supervision of Professor Min-Chun Hong. Since then, he has been a Postdoc Research Fellow at the University of Queensland.

Existence of solutions to the stochastic Ericksen-Leslie system in a 3-D bounded domain

Motivated by experimental evidence on the effect of thermal fluctuations in liquid crystal flows, we consider the stochastic Ericksen-Leslie system with general Oseen-Frank energy in a three-dimensional bounded domain. Utilising the classical Ginzburg-Landau approach, we prove the convergence of solutions to the stochastic approximation and prove the existence of martingale solutions that are strong in the sense of PDEs up to a maximal existence time.

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