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MathQuiz credits

MathQuiz was written and developed in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney. The system is built on LATEX with the conversion from LATEX to HTML being done by Eitan Gurari’s TeX4ht, and Michal Hoftich’s make4ht.

To write quizzes using MathQuizit is only necessary to know LATEX, however, the MathQuizsystem has three components:

  • A LATEX document class file, mathquiz.cls, and a TEX4ht configuration file, mathquiz.cfg, that enable the quiz files to be processed by LATEX and TEX4ht, respectively.
  • A python program, mathquiz, that translates the xml file that is produced by TEX4ht into HTML.
  • Some javascript and css that controls the quiz web page.

The LATEX component of MathQuiz was written by Andrew Mathas and the python, css and javascript code was written by Andrew Mathas (and Don Taylor), based on an initial protype of Don Taylor’s from 2001. Since 2004 the program has been maintained and developed by Andrew Mathas. Although the program has changed substantially since 2004 some of Don’s code and his idea of using TEX4ht are still very much in use.

For information on using MathQuiz see the on-line documentation.

Thanks are due to Bob Howlett for general help with CSS and, for Version 5, to Michal Hoftich for technical advice.