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Stephan Tillmann

Stephan Tillmann
Executive Director, Sydney Mathematical Research Institute

Sydney Mathematical Research Institute
Quadrangle (A14)
University of Sydney NSW 2006

Office: Room L4.44, Quadrangle (A14)
Phone: 9351 2005
Stephan Tillmann's University of Sydney Research Profile page.

Research areas: Group theory and generalisations; Dynamical systems and ergodic theory; Manifolds and cell complexes; Mathematics and society; Computational and numerical mathematics.

Stephan Tillmann was a member of the former Pure Mathematics research group.
Subgroup: Geometry, Topology and Analysis.

Stephan's main research interests are geometry and topology with a focus on low-dimensional manifolds. He uses techniques from algebraic geometry, hyperbolic and projective geometry, geometric group theory, representations of finitely generated groups, differential geometry as well as tropical geometry.

A principal aim of his current research is to understand the relationship between triangulations of, geometric structures on, and surfaces in 3-manifolds with view towards new topological results about 3-manifolds, practical algorithms, and applications to group theory.

More information about his research and teaching can be found at his personal web page.