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Junior Mathematics and Statistics

This site contains information on Junior Mathematics at the University of Sydney. Each unit of study has its own web page; links to these pages are given in the table below.

Enrolment advice

Click here for enrolment information dependent on your HSC Mathematics qualifications.

Contact details

General and administrative enquiries about Junior units of study should be directed to the School of Mathematics and Statistics Student Office, located on level 5 of the Carslaw Building (Room 520, opposite the lifts).

Phone number: 9351 5787.
Students: Please give your name and SID in your email message. Anonymous messages will not be answered.

The Director of First Year Studies in the School of Mathematics and Statistics is Sharon Stephen (Carslaw 534).

Enquiries about details of a particular unit of study should be directed to the lecturer for that unit, who can be contacted by email if necessary. For further information, follow the link below to the web page for the relevant unit.

Duty Tutors from Week 2 of Second Semester

Students needing help with understanding the content of units of study MATH1013, MATH1014, MATH1003, MATH1004 and MATH1005 are encouraged to seek help from their lecturers, or from our Duty Tutors.

Consultation times for lecturers are given on the respective unit of study information sheet, a click away from the unit of study webpage.

Duty tutors are available between 1pm and 2pm on Tuesdays in Carslaw 829 and Thursdays in Carslaw 830, from Week 2 to Week 13, commencing 1 pm on Tuesday 4 August 2015.

Please note that there will be no sessions during the Teaching Break 28-30 September, 1-2 October.

The Duty Tutors are all Teaching Fellows in the School and experienced at assisting and advising students. They are

  • Ting-Ying Chang (Tuesdays)
  • Pieter Roffelsen (Tuesdays)
  • James Gregory (Thursdays)
  • Thomas Porter (Thursdays), with expertise in statistics

Basic important information


There is a Frequently Asked Questions page. If there is something you want to know, check there first!

Unit of study discussion

Click here to access the discussion site for first year units.


Click here for the 2015 Junior Mathematics and Statistics Handbook.

Calculators in exams

For almost all examinations in units of study taught by the School of Mathematics and Statistics, students are permitted to take their own electronic calculator into the examination room provided it is one of the approved calculators on the list of approved calculators on the Examinations Office web site.

Students would be well advised to purchase one of these. Students should get an approved sticker put on their calculator at the Student Centre in the Jane Foss Russell building.

Further important information

Units of Study

Advanced Units
First Semester Second Semester
MATH1901   Differential Calculus (Advanced)
MATH1902 Linear Algebra (Advanced)
MATH1906 (Special Studies Program) A
MATH1903   Integral Calculus and Modelling (Advanced)
MATH1905 Statistics (Advanced)
MATH1907 (Special Studies Program) B
Normal Units
First Semester Second Semester
MATH1001   Differential Calculus SS
MATH1002 Linear Algebra SS
MATH1003   Integral Calculus and Modelling SS
MATH1004   Discrete Mathematics SS
MATH1005 Statistics* SS/WS
Fundamental Units
First Semester Second Semester
MATH1011   Applications of Calculus SS
MATH1015 Biostatistics*
MATH1013   Mathematical Modelling SS
MATH1014 Introduction to Linear Algebra
Other Units (not available to all students)
First Semester
MATH1111   Introduction to Calculus
* MATH1015 and MATH1005 have similar syllabuses. In most cases students wishing to study junior level statistics are free to choose either the first semester unit MATH1015 or the second semester unit MATH1005