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MATH1931 Calculus of One Variable (SSP)

General Information

MATH1931 is a Junior (or first-year) unit forming part of the SSP (Special Studies Program) Mathematics stream.

Students have the right to appeal any academic decision made by the School or Faculty. For further information, see the Science Faculty web site.

You may also view the description of MATH1931 in the University's course search database.

Information sheet for MATH1931

All students should read the information sheet. The information includes (for example) details of the assessment procedure, including dates of assessment tasks.

Answers to frequently asked questions

See the main junior mathematics page for information relating to all junior mathematics units, and see in particular the Junior Maths FAQ page.

Online Resources

Links to online resources for this unit of study will be added here during the teaching session.

Entry into the Program

Entry into the Mathematics Special Studies Program is by invitation. Students should enrol in MATH1921. Once they are selected they will change their enrolment from MATH1921 to MATH1931. They attend the same lectures as MATH1931 students but have their own seminar and tutorial covering specially chosen advanced topics.

Selection into the Mathematics Special Studies Program is based on

  • Interest and commitment to mathematics;
  • ATAR and your marks in mathematics (or equivalent).

Students interested in being selected for MATH1931 need to fill in an online application form. The form is only accessible if you are enrolled in MATH1921 or some other MATH unit. There may be a delay of a few days after formal enrolment until the form can be accessed.

Students in Arts, Science, Liberal Studies, Engineering or Combined Degrees are able to be selected into the program. Final decision on the application will be given on this page shortly after the information and selection meeting.

Information and Selection Meeting

There will be a selection and information meeting in the first week of lectures, where you can ask questions.

Here the details of the meeting:

  • Date and time: Thursday 8 March 2018 at 10am
  • Venue: Carslaw Room 359

Students will be advised by email of the outcome of the application by late Friday 9 March 2018 . The email will be sent to the University Email Address!

For more information contact the coordinator Daniel Daners.

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