Geometry & Topology Seminar 2018

To suggest speakers, propose a talk, be added to or removed from the mailing list, or for any other information, please contact Boris Lishak, Haotian Wu or Stephan Tillmann.

Semester 2, 2018

Talks in Semester 2 will be on Wednesdays from 12:00–13:00 in Carslaw 830 unless noted otherwise. The titles below should be linked to the abstracts.

Wednseday 1 August
Michelle Chu (UCSB)
Quantifying virtual properties of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Wednseday 8 August
Montek Singh Gill (Michigan)
Chains and cochains on spectra
Wednseday 22 August
John Nicholson (UCL)
Poincaré 3-complexes and Stably-Free Modules over Integral Group Rings
Wednesday 29 August
Kwok-Kun Kwong (Sydney)
Some quantitative comparison theorems in Riemannian geometry
Wednesday 12 September in Carslaw 535
André van Renssen (Sydney)
Routing Among Obstacles
Wednesday 19 September in Carslaw 535
Yusra Naqvi (Sydney)
Littlewood-Richardson coefficients for Jack polynomials
Wednesday 3 October in Carslaw 535
Iva Halacheva (Melbourne)
Tangles and Alexander type invariants
Wednesday 17 October
Diletta Martinelli (Edinburgh)
An introduction to the birational geometry of moduli spaces of stable objects
Wednesday 24 October
Michal Ferov (UTS/Newcastle)
Quantifying complexity for the isomorphism problem of hyperbolic groups
Wednesday 31 October in Carslaw 535
Alexander Majchrowski (Sydney)
Level-Set and Surgery Approaches to Brendle-Huisken G-Flow
Wednesday 7 November in Carslaw 535
Enrico Le Donne (Jyvaskyla)
Boundaries, conformal maps, and sub-Riemannian geometry
Thursday 15 November in Carslaw 535
Jesse Gell-Redman (Melbourne)
Index of non-elliptic operators
Wednesday 21 November in Carslaw 535
Robert Löwe (TU Berlin)
Secondary fans of punctured Riemann surfaces
Tuesday 11 December
Suhyoung Choi (KAIST)
Lens-shaped totally geodesic ends of convex real projective manifolds

Semester 1, 2018

Talks in Semester 1 will be on Thursday during 12:00–13:00 in Carslaw 351 unless noted otherwise. The titles below should be linked to the abstracts.

Thursday 8 March, 10:00-11:00, Carslaw 535A
Colin Guillarmou (Orsay)
Boundary rigidity for non-convex domains
Thursday 8 March
William Worden (Temple)
Veering triangulations: theory and experiment
Thursday 15 March
Stephan Tillmann (Sydney)
Computing trisections of 4–manifolds
Thursday 22 March
No seminar
Thursday 29 March
Laura Ciobanu (Heriot-Watt)
Conjugacy growth in groups
Thursday 5 April
University vacation week, no seminar
Thursday 12 April
Jonathan Hillman (Sydney)
Quotients of S^2 x S^2 by groups of order 4
Thursday 19 April
Timothy Buttsworth (Queensland)
The Einstein Equation on Manifolds with Large Symmetry Groups
Thursday 26 April
Dongrui Wan (Shenzhen)
The quaternionic Monge-Ampère equation and methods of pluripotential theory
Thursday 3 May
Mikhail Belolipetsky (IMPA)
Seminar cancelled.
Thursday 10 May
Jonathan Bowden (Monash)
From Foliations to Contact Structures
Thursday 17 May
Vanessa Robins (ANU)
Geometry and Topology of Crystals
Thursday 24 May
Vlad Yaskin (University of Alberta)
On polynomially integrable convex bodies
Thursday 31 May
James Parkinson (Sydney)
Opposition diagrams for automorphisms of spherical buildings
Thursday 7 June
Marcy Robertson (Melbourne)
An action of the Grothendieck-Teichmüller group on stable curves of genus zero.