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Former members of the School of Mathematics and Statistics

This is an incomplete list of former members of the School. If no contact person is listed you can try emailing, although we may not know the person's present whereabouts.

NameFormer PositionYearContact
Faisal Ababneh PhD Student 2006 John Robinson
Abdulrahman Abdulaziz PhD Student 1998
Nils Ackermann Research Fellow 2006 Norman Dancer
Zahra Afsar Postdoctoral Fellow 2019 Nathan Brownlowe
Ponnuthurai Ainkaran MSc Student 2007 Shelton Peiris
Kristin Anderson School Manager 2022
Anet Anelone Research Associate 2021
Noelle Antony PhD Student 2005 David Easdown
Flora Armaghanian Administration Assistant
James Atkinson Research Associate 2015
Lamiae Azizi Senior Lecturer 2021
Alhaji Akbar Bachtiar PhD Student 2009 Ron James
Sanjeeva Balasuriya Lecturer 2006
Geoff Ball Director of First Year Studies 1996
Udo Baumgartner Visiting Fellow 2021
William Bertram PhD Student 2008
Yuly Billig Visiting Researcher 2005 Alex Molev
Alex Bishop Research Assistant 2022
Jerome Blair PhD Student 1997
Beatrice Bleile PhD Student 2004
Sacha Blumen PhD Student 2006
Wieb Bosma Research Fellow
J Brew MSc Student
Peter Buchen Senior Lecturer
Joan Buckley School Manager 2008
Kamil Bulinski Postdoctoral Fellow 2022
Robert Carls Research Associate 2006
Debbie Castle School Manager 2019
Matthew Chan Research Associate 2018
Irene Chen Postdoctoral Research Associate 2018
Emily Cliff Lecturer 2021
Clare Coleman PhD Student 1999
Diana Combe Visiting Researcher Adrian Nelson
Alexander Coward Research Associate 2013
Melissa Cox PhD Student 2001
Brendan Creutz Research Associate 2013 John Cannon
Sally Cripps Professor, formerly a member of the School 2021
Ivana Crossley School Manager 2017
Bob Crossman Lecturer
Howard D'Abrera Senior Lecturer 2010
Alexandru Dimca Senior Lecturer 1994
Sanjaya Dissanayake Visiting Researcher Shelton Peiris
Ana Do Vale School Manager 2009
Chris Durrant Associate Professor
Matthew Dyer PhD Student 1988 Gus Lehrer
Michael Ehrig Research Fellow 2018
John Enyang Research Associate 2013
Roger Eyland Senior Lecturer 2005
Parinaz Ezzati External Lecturer 2020
Hossein Farajollahi PhD Student 2000
Maria Fărcăşeanu Postdoctoral Research Associate 2022 Florica-Corina Cîrstea
Christopher Field Postdoctoral Fellow
Mike Field Reader 1994
Damien Fisher Mathematical Software Engineer
Barrie Fraser Senior Lecturer 2013
Xiang Fu PhD Student Bob Howlett
Dave Galloway Senior Lecturer
Sean Gasiorek Postdoctoral Research Associate 2022 Milena Radnović
Volker Gebhardt Research Associate
Thomas Gobet Postdoctoral Research Associate 2019 Anthony Henderson
Stephen Goulter PhD Student 1998
Lucy Gow PhD Student 1998
John Graham PhD Student 1995 Gus Lehrer
Mauro Grassi PhD Student 2007 Bob Howlett
Brian Gray Honorary Associate Charlie Macaskill
David Gubbins Visiting Researcher David Ivers
Giorgio Gubbiotti Research Associate 2021
Sergei Haller Visiting Researcher 2006
Andy Hammerlindl Research Associate 2015 Georg Gottwald
William Hardesty Research Fellow 2022
Michael Harrison Research Fellow 2015 John Cannon
Michael Hay PhD Student 2012
Andrew Hayen PhD Student
Fabian Held Lecturer 2018
Joachim Hempel Honorary Associate 2005
Stephane Heritier Honorary Associate 2014
Munir Hiabu Lecturer 2021
Hai Trung Ho PhD Student 2005
David Howden Research Associate 2014
Jun Hu Visiting Researcher 2014 Andrew Mathas
Frederik Hurst Research Associate
Paul Hutchinson Lecturer 1995
Shahrad Jamshidi Honours Student
Vivek Jayaswal Australian Postdoctoral Fellow 2013
Wenshuai Jiang ARC Early Career Researcher 2021
Anwar Joarder Lecturer 1997
Alexander Kasprzyk Research Fellow 2010 John Cannon
Pavlos Kassotakis Postdoctoral Fellow 2013
Ray Kawai Honorary Professor 2020
GM (Max) Kelly Emeritus Professor
Michael Kemp PhD Student 2004
Buyung-Moo Kim Visiting Researcher Nalini Joshi
Alexander Kitaev Visiting Researcher
Oya Selma Klanten Research Associate 2009 Jean Yang
Slaven Kožić Postdoctoral Research Associate 2017 Alex Molev
Rafał Kulik Visiting Researcher
Kwok-Kun Kwong Lecturer 2019
King Fai Lai Reader
Emmanuel Letellier PhD Student 2003
Susan Liddell Executive Assistant to Head of School School of GeoSciences
Rupert Littlewood PhD Student 2000
Ming Liu Postdoctoral Research Associate 2020 Alex Molev
Xin Liu Research Associate 2011
Sarah Lobb Postdoctoral Research Associate 2015 Nalini Joshi
Diane Loo Research Assistant 2014
Hugh Luckock Senior Lecturer
Sinéad Lyle Postdoctoral Fellow 2006 Andrew Mathas
Chris Macmeikan PhD Student 2001
Dobrin Marchev Lecturer 2011
Ben Martin Postdoctoral Fellow Gus Lehrer
Takuya Matsumoto Research Associate 2013 Alex Molev
Peter McNamara Visiting Researcher 2015
John McQueen Computer Systems Officer 2013
Graeme Milton Visiting Professor
Gordon Monro Senior Lecturer 2007
Akane Nakamura Postdoctoral Research Associate 2015
Vinoth Nandakumar Research Fellow 2019
Yusra Naqvi Postdoctoral Fellow 2021
Mikhail Neklyudov Postdoctoral Research Associate 2015
Tianyang Nie Postdoctoral Research Associate
Medet Nursultanov Postdoctoral Research Associate 2021 Leo Tzou
Nigel O'Brian Senior Lecturer 2007
Sheehan Olver Associate Professor 2017
Chris Ormerod PhD Student 2007
Peter O'Sullivan Australian Postdoctoral Fellow 2009 Gus Lehrer
Alison Parker Postdoctoral Fellow 2006
Adam Parusiński Visiting Researcher 2009 Laurentiu Paunescu
Robert Pearson Computer Systems Officer 2014
Devindri Perera PhD Student 2006
Valentin Petrov Visiting Professor
Mary Phipps Senior Lecturer
Leon Poladian Associate Professor 2018
Malcolm Quine Associate Professor 2003
Marc Raimondo Senior Lecturer 2008
James Richardson Computing Systems Manager
Kate Ridler SMRI Executive Officer 2021
Karl Rodolfo PhD Student 2007
Anna Romanov Postdoctoral Research Associate 2021
Dan Roozemond Research Associate 2012
Michael Roper Research Associate 2013
Oliver Ruff Research Fellow 2006 Andrew Mathas
Leanne Rylands PhD Student 1991
Sanjiban Santra Australian Postdoctoral Fellow 2014
Clive Saunders PhD Student
Timothy Schaerf PhD Student 2008 Charlie Macaskill
Max Skipper Honours Student 2011
Benjamin Smith PhD Student 2005
Lauren Smith Postdoctoral Fellow 2021 Georg Gottwald
Paul Spicer Postdoctoral Fellow 2009
Alan Stapledon SMRI Research Affiliate 2015
Damien Stehlé Visiting Researcher 2010 John Cannon
Behrouz Taji Lecturer 2022
Emi Tanaka Lecturer 2019 Uri Keich
Zheng-Xue Tang Visiting Researcher
Tommaso Terragni Research Associate 2012 James Parkinson
Janet Thomas Administration Assistant 2005
Rosemary Thompson Senior Lecturer 2012
Ranjit Thuraisingham Honorary Associate Georg Gottwald
Annelies Tjetjep MSc Student 2005
Philip Treharne Research Fellow 2007
Bartosz Trojan Postdoctoral Fellow 2008 Donald Cartwright
Ilknur Tulunay PhD Student 2001 Bob Howlett
Jon Turner PhD Student 2004
Leo Tzou Associate Professor 2022
Joost van Hamel Postdoctoral Fellow 2004
Geoff Vasil Senior Lecturer 2022
Bob Walters Associate Professor
Kelei Wang Research Associate 2012 Nalini Joshi
Wen-Kai Wang Research Associate 2012
Yu-Ping Wang Research Assistant
James Ward Senior Lecturer
Mark Watkins Research Fellow 2021 John Cannon
Michael Watson Postdoctoral Research Associate 2022
Warren Weckesser Senior Research Associate 2007
Karl Wehrhahn Senior Lecturer
Greg White PhD Student
Stewart Wilcox MSc Student 2006
Mike Wilson Computer Systems Officer 2011 Paul Szabo
Peter Wilson Emeritus Professor 2007
Greg Woodbury PhD Student 2004
Jeroen Wouters Research Fellow 2017
Yuezhu Wu Research Associate
Yeeka Yau Research Assistant 2022 James Parkinson
Ruxue Yu PhD Student 2004
Yang Zhang PhD Student 2022
Guanglian Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow
Charles Zworestine PhD Student