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Members of the Statistics Research Group

Academic and Research Staff

Chan, Jennifer Associate Professor Carslaw 817 9351 4873
Davoudabadi, Mohammad Javad Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 637
Fu, Helen Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ghazanfar, Shila Discovery Early Career Researcher Carslaw 708
Grazian, Clara Senior Lecturer Carslaw 822
Keich, Uri Associate Professor Carslaw 821 9351 2307
Lin, Yingxin Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 827
Nghiem, Linh Hoang Lecturer Carslaw 823
Ormerod, John Associate Professor Carslaw 815 9351 5883
Panwar, Pratibha Postdoctoral Fellow
Patrick, Ellis Senior Lecturer Carslaw 816
Peiris, Shelton Associate Professor Carslaw 819 9351 5764
Quek, Lake-Ee Research Fellow 8627 5606
Robertson, Nicholas Software Engineer
Stewart, Michael Senior Lecturer Carslaw 818 9351 5765
Strbenac, Dario Research Associate Carslaw 827 9351 3039
Sun, Qiuzhuang Lecturer Carslaw 627
Tarr, Garth Senior Lecturer Carslaw 828 8627 8033
Thind, Amarinder Singh Postdoctoral Research Associate
Wang, Qiying Professor Carslaw 825 9351 5762
Wang, Rachel Senior Lecturer Carslaw 820
Warren, Diana Senior Lecturer Carslaw 527 9351 2108
Yang, Pengyi Associate Professor Carslaw 812
Yang, Jean Professor Carslaw 824 9351 3012

Former and Honorary Staff

Allen, David Honorary Professor
Cowan, Richard Visiting Professor
Dai, Wen Former Honorary Associate Carslaw 822 9351 3194
Dissanayake, Sanjaya Honorary Associate
Dong, Alice Xiaodan Honorary Associate
Fisher, Nick Visiting Professor Carslaw 725 9351 2967
Muller, Samuel Honorary Professor
Robinson, John Emeritus Professor
Seneta, Eugene Emeritus Professor Carslaw 805 9351 3881
Weber, Neville Emeritus Professor Carslaw 805 9351 3881

Current Postgraduate Students

Alhuntushi, Nasser PhD Student Carslaw 807
Canete, Nicolas External PhD Student
Chan, Adam See-Yuen PhD Student Carslaw 807
Chen, Niya PhD Student Carslaw 807
Dong, Alice Xiaodan Honorary Associate
Ebadi, Arya MPhil Student Carslaw 807
Freestone, Jack PhD Student Carslaw 807
Gadhi, Adel PhD Student Carslaw 807
Huang, Zheng Lyu PhD Student Carslaw 807
Joudah, Ibrahim External PhD Student
Kenny, Johann PhD Student Carslaw 807
Lee, Ian PhD Student
Leong, Xing Yee PhD Student
Lin, Yingxin Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 827
Miltchinov, Nikola PhD Student
Osaka, Haruki PhD Student
Robertson, Harry PhD Student Carslaw 807
Su, Peng PhD Student Carslaw 807 8627 0652
Tidswell, Jonathon PhD Student Carslaw 806 9351 5767
Tran, Andy Postgraduate Teaching Fellow Carslaw 807
Usman, Farha PhD Student Carslaw 490 9351 5730
Vlaskin, Alexey PhD Student Carslaw 807
Wagle, Manoj PhD Student Carslaw 807
Willie, Elijah PhD Student Carslaw 807
Wishart, Justin External Lecturer
Wong, Steven PhD Student Carslaw 807
Wu, Allan MMathSci Student
Yu, Lijia PhD Student Carslaw 807

Recent Postgraduate Students

Bokor, Yossi Recent PhD Student
Cao, Yue Recent PhD Student
Carnaffan, Sean Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807 9114 1247
Deshpande, Vinita Recent PhD Student
Emery, Kristen Recent PhD Student
Greenaway, Mark Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807 9114 1268
Huang, Hao Recent MPhil Student Carslaw 807
Hunt, Richard Recent PhD Student
James, Nicholas Recent PhD Student
Jiao, Chunxi Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807
Kim, Hani Jieun Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807 9351 6298
Kim, Taiyun Recent PhD Student
Li, Mengbo Recent MPhil Student
Nitithumbundit, Thanakorn Former PhD Student
Phillip, Andrew Former PhD Student
Porter, Thomas Former PhD Student
Romanes, Sarah Recent PhD Student
Smith, Connor Recent PhD Student Carslaw 806 9351 5767
Wang, Zitao Recent MPhil Student
Wu, Helen Recent PhD Student
Xu, Xiangnan Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807
Yan, Hongxuan Former PhD Student
Yu, Weichang Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807 9114 1275
Zhang, Yunwei Recent PhD Student Carslaw 487

Honours and Graduate Diploma Students

Chen, Qikun Statistics
Gui, Guan Statistics
Liao, Xiaoying Statistics
Pita de Abreu, Diego Statistics
Short, Temana Statistics