Undergraduate Study

Frequently asked questions

What careers are there for people with mathematical training?

The School has a page on this, and the Australian Mathematical Society has more comprehensive information.

How do I decide which units to take?

See the Senior Handbook for some suggestions. Other departments in the University may also have ideas about which mathematics units combine well with their own courses.

Can I take a mixture of Pure and Applied units?

Yes. Just make sure you have the right prerequisites for your choices. Ask the lecturer if you are not sure. Also if you plan to do 4th year Honours you should plan ahead to make sure you have the necessary background for the Honours options you are interested in. The Senior Handbook has more advice on this.

How can I find out more about a particular unit?

The Senior Handbook has course descriptions for all units, including lists of reference books in most cases. If you need more information on any particular unit, consult the lecturer for that unit.

Where can I find the tutorial timetable for a particular unit?

The timetables will not be available until shortly before the start of semester. The timetable for each unit will displayed on the web page for that unit, as soon as the timetable becomes available.

What happens if I miss an exam or other assessment through illness?

See the School's Special Consideration Policy, and the Missed exams and impaired exam performance web page.

What about further study?

The School offers an Honours Degree, intended as a preparation for a research degree or other pursuits needing a very high level of mathematical expertise. The Senior Handbook has more information about this.