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Dr Daniel Hauer
Academic Fellow
School of Mathematics and Statistics F07
The University of Sydney, NSW 2006
Office: Carslaw Building Room 635
+61 2 9351 5763
Fax: +61 2 9351 4534

Research Interests

  • Functional Analysis, calculus of variation, convex analysis;
  • Ellipitic and parabolic partial differential equations:
    • regularity and the qualitative behaviour of solutions
    • long time asymptotic behaviour of solutions of parabolic equations
    involving quasilinear operators of p-Laplace type, fractional operators and associated with the porous medium equation;
  • Nonlinear semigroup theory:
    • relation between the regularising effects of semigroups and inequalities of type Nash, Sobolev, Log-Sobolev or Poincaré;
    • long-time asymptotic behavior;
  • Eigenvalue problems and isoperimetric inequalities.

Recently Submitted Papers

Recently Accepted Papers


  • MATH2067: This course primarily studies second order linear differential equations with constant coefficients, Fourier series, Laplace transforms, and second order PDEs in rectangular domains.
  • fourth-year Honours course PMH4: Advanced Measure Theroy and Applications at the University of Sydney.
  • MATH2917 : Second year working Seminar (Special Studies Program) on Harmonic Analysis.
  • MATH3068: Fourier Analysis, Bernoulli numbers and polynomials, Euler-Maclaurin formula, Functions of a complex variable.
  • MATH1001: Differential Calculus.

Professional Activities

  • Organiser of the AMSI-event Recent Trends in Nonlinear Evolution Equations from 4-5 November 2015 at the University of Sydney jointly with Valentina Wheeler (UoW). This workshop had the fundamental aim to showcase the recent advances on nonlinear evolution equations and to highlight key challenges for the future.