University of Sydney Algebra Seminar

Recent and forthcoming seminars

The Algebra Seminar is held on Fridays from 12 to 1 in Carslaw room 375, unless otherwise noted. Click on the titles below to see the abstracts.

Fri 29 Jack Hall; The telescope conjecture for algebraic stacks
Fri 5 no seminar
Fri 12 Neil Saunders; On the Exotic Springer Correspondence
Fri 19 Jun Hu; Modified affine Hecke algebras and quiver Hecke algebras of type A
Fri 26 Vinoth Nandakumar; Categorification via blocks of modular representations in type A
Fri 2 Ying Xu; Quantum correspondences of Lie superalgebras
Wed 7 Ting Xue; The Springer correspondence for symmetric spaces and Hessenberg varieties
Fri 9 no seminar
Fri 16 Anne Thomas; Bowditch’s JSJ tree and the quasi-isometry classification of certain right-angled Coxeter groups.
Fri 23 Michael Ehrig; Finite dimensional representations for orthosymplectic supergroups
Fri 30 Richard Garner; The Campbell-Baker-Hausdorff adjunction
Fri 7 ?
Fri 14 ?
Fri 21 Volodymyr Mazorchuk; TBA
Fri 28 Kenji Iohara; TBA
Mon 31 Marcy Robertson; TBA
Fri 4 no seminar
Fri 11 Mircea Voineagu; TBA
Fri 18 ?
Fri 25 Maxim Gurevich; TBA
Anne Moreau; TBA

Algebra Seminar mailing list

The Algebra Seminar mailing list carries weekly updates and reminders. To be added to or removed from the list, or for any other information, contact Kevin Coulembier, Carslaw 632, phone 9351 3332.