University of Sydney Algebra Seminar

Recent and forthcoming seminars

The Algebra Seminar is held on Fridays from 12 to 1 in Carslaw room 375, unless otherwise noted. Click on the titles below to see the abstracts.

Mon 6 Paul Zinn-Justin; Loop models and K theory
Fri 10 Quanshui Wu; BV-algebra structure over Poisson cohomology
Fri 17 Alex Weekes; An introduction to Coulomb branches
Fri 24 Peter Tingley; PBW bases and KLR algebras
Fri 3 Oksana Yakimova; Symmetric invariants and polynomial rings
Fri 10 Dmitri Panyushev; Minimal inversion complete sets in Weyl groups and maximal abelian ideals
Nicole Lemire; Twisted Grassmannians and Torsion in Codimension 2 Chow groups
Fri 17 Ruth Corran; Root systems for complex reflection groups
Graham Denham; Rational models for matroids
Fri 24 Tarig Abdelgadir; Tensor McKay Correspondence: ADE case
Fri 31 Ulrich Thiel; Introduction to the Calogero-Moser vs. Kazhdan-Lusztig program
Fri 7 Hendrik De Bie; On the algebra of symmetries of Dirac operators
Fri 14 no seminar
Fri 21 no seminar
Fri 28 Matthew Dyer; Bruhat order, weak order and closure operators on root systems
Fri 5 Neil Saunders; The exotic Robinson-Schensted correspondence
Fri 12 no seminar
Fri 19 Michael Ehrig; The periplectic Brauer algebra and its Deligne category
Fri 26 Jie Du; q-Schur algebras and integral quantum affine gl(n)
Fri 2 Alina Ostafe; Multiplicatively dependent points on curves and applications to algebraic dynamical systems
Fri 9 Yang Zhang; Noncommutative classical invariant theory for the quantum general linear supergroup
Fri 16 Geordie Williamson; Modular representations, tilting modules and the p-canonical basis

Algebra Seminar mailing list

The Algebra Seminar mailing list carries weekly updates and reminders. To be added to or removed from the list, or for any other information, contact Kevin Coulembier, Carslaw 632, phone 9351 3332.