University of Sydney Algebra Seminar

Recent and forthcoming seminars

The Algebra Seminar is held on Fridays from 12 to 1 in Carslaw room 375, unless otherwise noted. Click on the titles below to see the abstracts.

Fri 12 Maria Elisa Fernandes; Highest rank of a polytope for A_n
Fri 19 No seminar
Fri 26 David Easdown; Minimal faithful permutation representations of groups with focus on pathological behaviour with respect to direct products
Fri 4 Anton Evseev; Turner doubles and RoCK blocks of symmetric groups
Fri 11 Ronan Terpereau; Invariant Hilbert schemes and resolutions of quotient singularities
Fri 18 Kelly McKinnie; Essential dimension of generic symbols
Fri 25 No seminar
Fri 1 Donald Barnes; Faithful completely reducible representation of modular Lie algebras
Fri 8 David Ridout; Admissible level affine vertex operator algebras
Fri 15 No seminar
Fri 22 Peter McNamara; The categorifed braid group action and its consequences
Fri 29 Dinakar Muthiah; The Iwahori-Hecke algebra for p-adic loop groups: the double-coset basis and double-affine Bruhat order
Fri 6 Daniele Valeri; Classical affine W-algebras for gl_N and associated integrable hierarchies
Fri 13 Andrew Mathas; Alternating Hecke algebras
Fri 20 Yang Zhang; On the second fundamental theorem of invariant theory for the orthosymplectic supergroup
Fri 27 Alexander Molev; Generators of affine W-algebras
Fri 3 Oded Yacobi; Highest weight theory for truncated shifted Yangians
Fri 10 No seminar
14, 16, 17 Arun Ram; Lecture Series
Fri 24 Daniel Chan; 2-hereditary algebras and almost Fano weighted projective surfaces
Fri 1 Bregje Pauwels; Separable and Galois extensions in symmetric monoidal categories

Algebra Seminar mailing list

The Algebra Seminar mailing list carries weekly updates and reminders. To be added to or removed from the list, or for any other information, contact Kevin Coulembier, Carslaw 632, phone 9351 3332.