University of Sydney Algebra Seminars in 2014

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Fri 14 Armin Shalile Decomposition numbers of Brauer algebras via Jucys-Murphy elements
Fri 21 Peter McNamara Affine PBW bases and KLR algebras
Fri 28 Daniel Chan Serre stable representations of the canonical algebra
Fri 7 Jie Du Quantum affine gl_n via Hecke algebras
Fri 14 Anthony Henderson Diagram automorphisms of quiver varieties
Fri 21 James Borger Boolean Witt vectors and total positivity
Fri 28 James Parkinson Automorphisms of generalised polygons
Fri 4 Andrew Francis Bacterial genome evolution with algebra
Fri 11 Amnon Neeman On some old conjectures in commutative algebra
Fri 2 David Smyth Birational geometry of the moduli space of stable curves
Fri 9 Evgeny Mukhin Counting real solutions
Fri 16 Alex Molev Generators of classical W-algebras
Fri 23 Brian Parshall Q-Koszul algebras and three conjectures
Fri 30 Andrew Mathas Simple modules of Hecke algebras
Mon 2 David Jordan Quantizing varieties via a 4D TFT
Fri 1 Jack Hall Coherent Tannaka duality for algebraic stacks
Fri 8 Nora Ganter Refined symmetries
Fri 15 Ross Street The Dold-Kan Theorem and categories of groupoid representations
Fri 22 Gus Lehrer The second fundamental theorem of invariant theory-old, new and super
Fri 29 Hechun Zhang Filtrations of tensor products
Fri 5 Si Mei Morita equivalence for cyclotomic Birman-Murakami-Wenzl algebras
Fri 12 Richard Hain Can a mapping class group ever be a Kaehler group?
Fri 19 Ian Grojnowski Shifted symplectic manifolds
Fri 26 James East Enumeration of idempotents in partition monoids
Fri 10 Hoel Queffelec Foam categories from categorified quantum groups
Fri 17 Anthony Henderson Modular generalized Springer correspondence
Fri 24 Chris Dodd Quantization and reduction mod p
Fri 31 Luc Frappat Three-state Hamiltonians solvable by the coordinate Bethe ansatz, classification and R matrices
Fri 7 Pedram Hekmati Higher Fock representations
Fri 14 Vyacheslav Futorny Classification of irreducible weight representations of the Lie algebra of vector fields on a torus

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