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University of Sydney Algebra Seminar

Recent and forthcoming seminars

The Algebra Seminar takes place on Fridays from 12 to 1 in SMRI Seminar Room, Macleay Building (A12) Room 301. Occasionally a talk will be online: information about virtual talks will be placed in italics.

Fri 23 Liron Speyer Schurian-infinite blocks of type \(A\) Hecke algebras
Fri 1 Michael Björklund Quasi-morphisms and approximate lattices
Fri 8 JS Lemay The Fundamental Theorems of Calculus and Zinbiel Algebras
Fri 15 Sam Jeralds Kostant's \(V(\rho) \otimes V(\rho)\) conjecture: a tour via convex geometry
Fri 22 Alexander Molev Harish-Chandra images of quantum Gelfand invariants
Fri 29 no seminar
Mon 5 Lev Shneerson On the growth and identities of semigroups
Fri 12 Will Donovan Geometrification of monodromy for hypergeometric systems
Fri 19 No seminar
Fri 26 Zachary Fehily Inverse reduction and free-field realisations of W-algebras
Fri 3 Kevin Coulembier Modular representations and tensor categories
Fri 10 Valery Aleexev Degenerations of K3 surfaces: mirror symmetry vs representation theory
Fri 17 Zsuzsanna Dancso Kashiwara-Vergne solutions degree by degree
Fri 24 Asilata Bapat A combinatorial study of Harder--Narasimhan filtrations
Fri 31 No seminar
Fri 7 Nir Gadish Letter-braiding invariants of words in groups
Fri 9 Abel Lacabanne
Fri 16 Ben Elias
Fri 23 Elijah Bodish Spin link homology
Fri 30 Stefano Morra
Fri 6 Nigel Higson
Fri 1 Christophe Hohlweg

Algebra Seminar mailing list

The Algebra Seminar mailing list carries weekly updates and reminders. To be added to or removed from the list, or for any other information, contact Kevin Coulembier, Carslaw 717.