University of Sydney Algebra Seminars in 2015

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Fri 16 Vinoth Nandakumar Stability conditions for sub-quotients of category O
Fri 13 Daniel Tubbenhauer U_q(sl_n) diagram categories via q-Howe duality
Fri 20 Stephen Morgan W-algebras and quantum Hamiltonian reduction by stages
Fri 27 Fang Li On representation rings in the context of monoidal categories
Fri 13 Oded Yacobi Invariant theory and (quantum) polynomial functors
Fri 20 Naihuan Jing Quantum determinants, Pfaffians and their generalizations
Len Scott From forced gradings to Q-Koszul algebras
Fri 27 No seminar meeting Honours graduation ceremony
Fri 3 No seminar meeting Mid semester break
Fri 10 Jie Du Canonical bases for the quantum supergroups U_q(gl_{m|n})
Fri 17 Uri Onn Representation zeta functions of arithmetic groups
Fri 24 Alex Weekes Quotients of shifted Yangians
Fri 1 Ruibin Zhang Invariants of the orthosymplectic Lie superalgebra and the super Pfaffian
Fri 8 Norman Do The infinite wedge space in enumerative geometry
Fri 22 Ben Webster Representation theory through the lens of categorical actions 1 Cancelled!
Fri 29 Andrew Mathas Fock spaces and Fayers' Conjecture
Ben Webster 4 lectures: Representation theory through the lens of categorical actions
Fri 12 Richard Hain Motives associated to classical modular forms
Fri 31 Talk I: Noah White Cactus group actions in Schubert calculus, crystals and integrable systems
Talk II: Azat Gainutdinov Small quantum groups: modular group representations and CFT
Fri 7 Anne Thomas Affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties and the geometry of Euclidean reflection groups
Fri 14 Cuipo Jiang Tensor decomposition of affine vertex operator algebras and level-rank duality
Fri 21 Representation Theory Day Workshop Link
Fri 4 Slaven Kožić Principal subspaces for quantum affine algebra \(U_q(\widehat{\mathfrak{sl}}_{n+1})\)
Fri 11 Kevin Coulembier Ringel duality and derived equivalences for BGG category O
Fri 18 Ian Grojnowski \(x^2 + y^3 + z^6 = 0\)
Wed 23 Branislav Jurco Operads, homotopy algebras and strings
Fri 25 Colin Reid Normal subgroup structure in Polish groups
Fri 9 James East Motzkin monoids
Fri 16 Pinhas Grossman Quadratic fusion categories
Fri 23 Alistair Savage A general approach to diagrammatic Heisenberg categorification
Fri 30 Xiuping Su A categorification of Grassmannian cluster algebras
Fri 6 Ole Warnaar Virtual Koornwinder integrals and Rogers-Ramanujan identities
Fri 13 Uri Onn A variant of Harish-Chandra functors
Fri 20 Anthony Henderson Involutions on the affine Grassmannian and moduli spaces of principal bundles