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University of Sydney PDE Seminars in 2015

Archive of Talks 2015

The seminar is associated with the Non-Linear Analysis Research Group. Organisers: Daniel Hauer and Daniel Daners.

Click on the titles below to see the abstracts.

Fri 15th Yuri Latushkin The Morse and Maslov indices for theta-periodic and generalized Robin multidimensional boundary value problems
Tue 1st Barbara Brandolini An inverse problem for the Hermite operator
Fri 13th Jochen Glück Spectrum and Asymptotics of Contraction Semigroups
Mon 26th Valentina Wheeler Rotationally symmetric mean curvature flow with free boundaries
Mon 12th Leo Tzou
Room 535A
Topology, Index Theory, and Scattering on Surfaces With Euclidean Ends
Mon 7th Daniel Daners Uniform convergence of solutions to elliptic equations on domains with shrinking holes
Mon 31st Glen Wheeler A tale of two geometric biharmonic heat flows
Mon 24th Federica Masiero Some results on Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations in infinite dimensional spaces
Mon 10th Jeff Hogan Clifford-Fourier analysis
Tue 2nd Sean Gomes Quantum Ergodicity for Mixed Systems
Tue 12th Jérôme Droniou Uniform-in-time convergence of continuous and numerical approximations of doubly degenerate parabolic equations
Tue 28th Andrew Hassell Spectral asymptotics for the Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator at high frequency
Tue 21th at 12pm Xiaolong Han Spherical harmonics with maximal norm growth
Tue 14th Frédéric Robert On the Hardy-Schrödinger operator with a singularity on the boundary
Tue 24th Sylvie Monniaux Maximal regularity for non-autonomous Robin boundary conditions
Tue 10th Valter Pohjola An inverse problem for the convection-diffusion equation
Fri 27th James Kennedy Eigenvalue Estimates on Quantum Graphs
Tue 20th Michel Chipot Nonlocal \(p\)-Laplace equations depending on the \(L_p\)-norm of the gradient